About Us

The Little Green Sheep was founded in 2006 by Mark Nicholls and Paul Maurice based on the simple idea of offering parents and babies the best in baby bedtimes. It soon became clear that creating the best products often meant using natural and organic materials; and so the Little 'Green' Sheep was born!

Our Story

It all began in 2003 when Mark and Paul met at Aston University, Birmingham. They had no idea at that time that their friendship would provide the foundation for what The Little Green Sheep is today.

Mark and Paul’s different career choices in the years that followed university helped write the script for the journey ahead. Their combined product and marketing background, as well as experience in organic foods would later influence and help create something new and exciting! The moment of serendipity came from an article about the surprise use of chemicals in baby mattresses. Both were instantly inspired to find an alternative, and so the process began to design and manufacture a baby mattress that combined the best quality support, made in the most natural possible way. Our first certified organic mattress, made without the use of chemical fire retardant sprays, was launched in 2007....and The Little Green Sheep was born!

Since then, we've not stopped and The Little Green Sheep is now loved and trusted by over 100,000 parents! Our friendly, thorough and ethical approach has never changed; with our loyal to our family of staff and customers adding to the story every day.

Our Values & Beliefs

Like you, we believe in providing the best for babies. It's this which inspires us to do what we do, creating beautifully made products; shaped by simple, honest ingredients, and produced in an ethical and appropriate way. We believe in providing babies with the most natural environment possible, away from toxins and harmful chemicals but never compromising on quality.

Simplicity amongst the Confusion

In a world where parenting is complex enough, we think that simple choices create peace of mind. That’s why we’re passionate about a range with natural clarity, and all about baby’s wellbeing.

A Pure Healthy
Environment For Babies

With so many things to think about regarding the environment your baby lives in, we want to help create one that's as natural as possible, away from toxins and harmful chemicals.

Timeless Style & Quality

At The Little Green Sheep we like to think that we’re not about fashion, but rather timeless integrity and quality that lasts. We think as much about today as we do tomorrow.