Your Baby Bedding Essentials

Ensuring you’ve picked up all the essentials for your new arrival can send even the calmest of parents aflutter. However, fear not! We’ve compiled a list of all your baby’s bedding must-haves so you can have everything washed, ironed and laid out ready for your little one from day one.


Be sure to check the size for any crib or cot bedding you buy to ensure the most accurate fit for your baby’s mattress. This way, you can avoid loose bedding that may pose a safety risk to your baby.

When it comes to mattress protectors, we recommend parents invest in 3-4 for each crib or cot. Protectors are arguably the most important bit of bedding you’ll invest in, as they’re what protects your little one’s mattress during those nighttime accidents. Having 3-4 to hand ensures you have one in use in the cot or crib, one in the wash, and a couple to hand as replacements in case of emergencies.

Baby sleeping bags are a great solution to prevent your little one from kicking layers off during the night, while keeping them comfortable and cool. We offer 1 tog for warmer months, and 2.5 tog for year-round use. For a guide to sleeping bag tog and temperature regulation, check out our blog on it here.

For swaddling, and wrapping baby up during cuddles, we recommend investing in a decent cellular blanket, as well as a few muslins. The great thing about muslins is that they’re so versatile. Many parents will keep them to hand for dealing with spillages and wiping their little one down, or else to use as a comforter to help settle baby. Essentially, muslins can come in handy for a whole host of situations, so you may as well invest in quite a few!

Looking For Natural Quality?

Bedding made from natural materials can help provide a more breathable sleep environment for your little one, aiding with temperature regulation and generally providing.

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