Announcing Pregnancy on Fathers Day

Discovering you're pregnant around Father's Day makes the occasion even more special.

Discovering you're pregnant around Father's Day makes the occasion even more special. It's the perfect opportunity to surprise dad-to-be with the news – and we have a bunch of exciting Father's Day pregnancy announcement ideas to help you do just that!

Depending on when you get that positive pregnancy test, you may have a few weeks or just a couple of days to plan.

You may hold off a little from telling your partner so you can make the announcement on Father's Day, or you may tell them right away but still want to celebrate the occasion on this special day.

No matter what your situation is, we have some creative, heartwarming, and fun ideas for announcing your pregnancy on Father's Day. And you don't need to break the bank or spend hours preparing – sometimes, the simplest ideas can be the best.

Father’s Day in 2024 falls on Sunday 16th June

Is it OK to Announce a Pregnancy on Father's Day?

Before we dive into the ideas, let's address this question that might be on your mind. Is it appropriate to announce a pregnancy on Father's Day?

The answer is yes!

Father's Day is all about celebrating dads and father figures, and what better way to do that than by announcing the upcoming arrival of a new addition to the family? It's a meaningful way to honour the father-to-be and involve him in the excitement of your pregnancy journey.

Plus, announcing on Father's Day adds an extra layer of joy and significance to this already special day.

However, you should also consider your own and your partner's individual circumstances. If Father's Day is a difficult day for your partner due to personal reasons, it might be best to hold off on the announcement.

But in most cases, announcing your pregnancy on Father's Day can be a beautiful and memorable experience for both of you.

Should I Wait Until Father's Day to Tell My Partner I'm Pregnant?

If you've found out that you're pregnant a little before Father's Day, holding off on the announcement can be a fun and exciting way to surprise your partner.

Ultimately, it's your decision as to when, where, and how you want to share the news – but you should still consider your partner's feelings as they're involved in this journey, too!

If you do decide to wait until Father's Day, make sure you have a solid plan in place for how you'll reveal the news. And if you can't wait that long, don't worry – there are still plenty of others creative ways to announce your pregnancy to your husband or partner.

Creative Ways to Deliver Your Pregnancy News to Your Husband or Partner


When Should I Tell the Father-to-Be I'm Pregnant?

There's no 'deadline' or 'timeline' as to how you should handle your pregnancy announcement. You know your partner best, so you'll have a good idea of when the right time is to tell them.

For most people, their husband or the father-to-be is the first person they share their pregnancy news with.

Also, it's worth bearing in mind that you'll have your first midwife appointment within 10 weeks of your pregnancy, and many mums-to-be's take their partners with them, so they'll share the news before then.

27 Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy on Father's Day

The way you announce your pregnancy on Father's Day should be tailored to your relationship dynamic and personalities – the most special announcements are those that are unique to you and your partner.

But if it's your first pregnancy announcement, or you’re just stumped for ideas and want to make the most of this day, these announcement ideas should give you plenty of inspiration.

  1. Custom Father's Day card with a sonogram picture inside.
  2. Personalised onesie with "Happy Father's Day, Daddy! Coming [due date]" written on it.
  3. Breakfast in bed with a tiny pair of baby booties on the tray.
  4. Framed ultrasound picture with a note saying, "Best Father's Day gift ever – coming soon!"
  5. A scavenger hunt leading to a gift box containing baby items and a positive pregnancy test.
  6. A "World's Best Dad" mug with a note inside announcing the pregnancy.
  7. Handwritten letter expressing excitement for fatherhood and the upcoming addition to the family.
  8. Matching "Dad" and "Baby" t-shirts or onesies as a Father's Day outfit.
  9. A photo album filled with memories of the couple and a special page revealing the pregnancy news.
  10. Engraved keychain with the baby's due date and a heartfelt message.
  11. A video montage of special moments together, ending with an ultrasound image and "We're expecting!"
  12. A gift box filled with dad-themed items like books, tools, and sports gear, with a surprise ultrasound picture at the bottom.
  13. Custom puzzle with a picture of the couple and a message revealing the pregnancy when completed.
  14. A framed countdown calendar marking the days until the baby's arrival.
  15. A "Dad Survival Kit" filled with baby essentials and a note saying, "Get ready, you're going to need these!"
  16. A Father's Day cake with "Happy Father's Day" written on it.
  17. A pair of baby football boots with a note saying, "For the newest member of your team, coming soon!"
  18. A bookshelf filled with children's books, with one book titled "Daddy's Little Helper" and a positive pregnancy test hidden inside.
  19. A custom-made comic strip depicting the couple as superheroes with a speech bubble saying, "We're adding another member to our superhero team!"
  20. A handwritten poem or song lyrics expressing love and excitement for the journey ahead as parents.
  21. A personalised "Dad Est. [Due Date]" shirt or hoodie.
  22. A photo album titled "Our Family Adventures" with an empty slot labelled "Coming Soon" for the baby's ultrasound picture.
  23. A custom-made crossword puzzle with clues related to their journey as a couple, with the final answer revealing the pregnancy news.
  24. A scratch-off card with the message "We're having a baby!" revealed when scratched.
  25. A pair of dad and baby sneakers placed side by side, with a note saying, "Walking into fatherhood together!"
  26. A coupon book filled with dad-related activities and tasks, with a bonus "Baby Duty" coupon at the end.
  27. A Sunday roast dinner with a menu card that hints or reveals at your pregnancy.

You could even mesh a few of these ideas together, like popping an ultrasound photo on top of a cake as a topper and serving it up as dessert for your Sunday roast. It's all about getting creative and making the announcement special for your partner.


How to Tell Your Own Dad About Your Pregnancy on Father's Day

Father's Day isn't just about celebrating the dad-to-be – it's also an opportunity to share the news with your own dad or father figure.

It can feel like a bit of a tricky topic to navigate, especially if this will be his first grandchild. But this is also a big deal for him, and he'll likely be over the moon with the news. Nerves are normal, but don't let them stop you from sharing your excitement with him.

A simple sit down with your parents and a heartfelt announcement can be all it takes.

If you know your dad will be happy for you, you could get more creative with the announcement and tweak some of the above ideas to suit him, too. For example, instead of a "Dad Est." shirt, you could get one that says "Grandpa Est."

And if you need a little more inspiration, check out our ideas for announcing your pregnancy to your family!

How & When to Announce Your Pregnancy to Your Family


When to Start Planning for Your Baby's Arrival

After sharing the news with the dad-to-be on Father's Day, the next natural step will be to start thinking about your baby's arrival. While it may seem too early, it's really exciting to start planning and preparing for their arrival.

Typically, though, the majority of parents will wait until the 12th week before they start making any serious plans, as the risks of miscarriage are lower after this point, and you can feel more confident in your pregnancy.

But after this, get stuck into planning and preparing for the next chapter of your lives – parenthood! You can begin discussing names, nursery ideas, and parenting styles. You could also start researching prenatal classes, midwives, and hospital options in your area.

Getting Prepared With The Little Green Sheep

Our recommendation for where to start? Baby's first bed!

Picking out your baby's first bed with your partner is an exciting and meaningful way to bond and prepare for their arrival, and we have a beautiful collection of Moses baskets and baby bedding to choose from.

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Yes, you can absolutely tell an expecting father, "Happy Father's Day!" It's a lovely way to acknowledge their role as a dad-to-be and celebrate the exciting journey ahead. However, we recommend incorporating it into another announcement idea so they don't get confused!

You should tell your husband whenever you feel comfortable and ready to do so. There's no set time frame or right/wrong way to handle it – trust your instincts and consider what will make the announcement most special for both of you.

But if you want your partner to be with you at your first midwife appointment, you'll need to tell them before that (usually within 10 weeks).

A good Father's Day gift for an expecting father could be something sentimental, like a customised dad and baby item or a heartfelt handwritten letter expressing your love and excitement.

You could also opt for something practical, like a "Dad Survival Kit" filled with baby essentials. Etsy will be full of customisable Father's Day gifts, or you can get creative and make something yourself.

If you're ready to share the news with your dad, then yes - go ahead and tell him! It can be a special moment for both of you and give him time to digest the news before the baby arrives.

But if you're unsure or not ready to tell him yet, that's completely okay, too. Most women will wait around 12 weeks, when the risk of miscarriage is lower, before sharing their pregnancy news with family and friends. It's up to you and what makes you most comfortable.

You can announce your pregnancy to your dad in a variety of ways, depending on what suits your relationship and personality. Some ideas could include:

● A heartfelt conversation over coffee or dinner
● A personalised Father's Day gift with a note or ultrasound photo inside
● A creative announcement idea, like a "Grandpa Est." shirt or a photo album with an empty slot labelled "Coming Soon" for the baby's ultrasound picture.