Natural Moses Baskets

The most natural place for your baby to sleep, browse our range of knitted Moses baskets and stands below. Beautifully crafted with natural materials, wicker Moses baskets are easily portable and provide a safe and super snug environment for baby to snooze. Read more

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Natural Materials


Babies Moses Baskets

Here at The Little Green Sheep, we know the importance of providing babies with a safe and comfortable place to sleep. That's why we offer a wide selection of award-winning, natural Moses baskets made from specially sourced lightweight palm leaf.

Our baskets come in various colours and styles with customer favourites being our Dove Grey Moses Baskets and our Linen Natural Moses Baskets.

Made with high-quality materials, they provide babies with a cosy place to rest that is also gentle on the environment. (Our classic Moses basket liners are 100% organic cotton, too!).

Did you know that our moses basket mattresses are also made using only natural ingredients?

So, if you're looking for a stylish Moses basket and stand for your little one, you can count on The Little Green Sheep to be your babies' perfect sleep companion as they discover the world with you.

To learn more about choosing the perfect moses basket, please take a read of our comprehensive moses basket guide.

Are Moses Baskets Safe for Newborns?

Yes, Moses baskets are safe for newborn babies. The soft, plush fabric and padded sides help create a cocoon-like environment that is both comforting and safe for young babies. Additionally, the basket's handles make it easy to transport from room to room and take on the go. This makes Moses baskets an ideal sleep solution for busy families.

Can a Moses Basket Be Used Overnight?

Moses baskets can be used for overnight sleeping, and many babies sleep comfortably in their baskets for up to 6-8 hours at a time.

If you are using your Moses basket for overnight sleep, we recommend placing the basket on a firm, flat surface such as a bed or crib. Additionally, make sure to remove any pillows, blankets, or toys from inside the basket before putting your baby down to sleep.

Can You Put A Moses Basket On The Floor?

While Moses baskets are safe for babies to sleep in on the floor, it is generally recommended to use them with a Moses basket stand. This helps reduce the risk of babies falling out of their baskets and makes it easier for parents to reach in and comfort their babies during the day and at night.

Using a sturdy Moses basket stand will also help to ensure that your Moses basket stays in place and is not easily tipped over. 

What's The Best Moses Basket For Me & My Baby?

The best Moses basket for you and your baby will depend on several factors, including your budget, style preferences, and whether or not you plan to use the basket for travel.

Our grey and natural options are perfect if you're looking for a traditional Moses basket that won't break the bank. For something a little more colourful, take a look at our Honey & Honey Rice baskets.

When Do Babies Outgrow Their Moses Baskets?

Safe sleep guidance advises that your baby must sleep in the same room as you in their first six months. After that time, some parents choose to move their babies into a cot and will stop using their Moses basket.

Regardless of when they stop using their basket, babies will always have fond memories of this special place where they learned to sleep on their own and snuggle up close to mum and dad.