Moses Basket Liners

Shop our organic cotton moses basket liners to add an extra layer of snug, comfort and warmth to your baby's moses basket. With a quilted finish that’s super soft to the touch our liners are excellent value and even come in a range of colours you can choose from. Read more

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Moses Basket Liners

Padded Moses basket liners are a popular bedding choice among parents and provide a soft barrier between your Moses basket and your baby’s delicate hands and skin. They're also perfect for protecting your basket from wear and tear and can be easily removed for cleaning.

With a range of patterns and designs including traditional and modern styles to suit a range of nursery decors, we make choosing the perfect Moses basket liner for your baby a breeze!

Quality and material choice is so important us, so our liners are made from organic natural cotton, giving them a soft and gentle feel to the touch. We also use breathable fabrics used in our Moses basket liners which help to keep your baby warm without overheating.

All of our liners are machine washable and come with recommended care instructions so you can keep them looking fresh and clean all the time. They're the perfect addition to a shopping wishlist for new or experienced parents!


Many parents find a Moses basket liner to be a helpful and stylish addition to their Moses basket. They are a popular choice to add warmth to your Moses basket and help to protect it from wear and tear.

A Moses basket liner's function is to give your baby a more comfortable place to rest and protect the basket. Since baby’s spend over 14 hours a day sleeping, and develop most during this time, we design our liners, removable covers and mattresses with quality in mind to aid blissful sleep.

You should aim to wash your liner every 7-10 days, and after a trip if you have used your Moses basket to travel. It is a good idea to have several liners to in your replacement liner collection help you keep on top of laundry! Shop our stylish range for the perfect addition to your nursery.

A Moses basket liner is a great way to provide extra warmth and comfort to your baby. You could also look for moses basket bedding sets and blankets for an outer layer.

When fitted correctly Moses basket liners are completely safe to use with your Moses basket. Always make sure the liner is attached securely and that the moses basket liner you’ve bought matches the size of the basket.