Wooden Baby Gyms

New! Made from sustainably sourced wood and hand-oiled for a natural finish, your little one can play the natural way for hours on end with our beautifully crafted Baby Play Gym. Available in a curved style, our natural wooden baby gym features a beautiful range of toys & baby rattle sets. Choose from bunny, bear, ocean, or safari themes! Read more

Natural Play

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Baby gyms are ideal for encouraging cognitive development in your little one, as well as providing them with a whole host of fun and colourful stimulus to play and interact with.

Our range of wooden baby gyms have been expertly crafted using the very best sustainably sourced wood. Both durable and beautifully designed, these wooden baby play gyms will look at home in any interior or with any nursery decor.

Playtime is so important for baby's development, that's why we also have a great selection of baby playmats and teepee play tents. We even have luxurious baby sheepskin rugs, perfect for tummy time!


Your baby should be able to start using a play gym at around 2 months old. You can use our play gyms in conjunction with our play mats so your baby can lie down and interact with their toy. But make sure that your baby is comfortable and supervised at all times.

All of The Little Green Sheep play gyms are made using 100% sustainably sourced Beech solid wood that has been hand-oiled. They are completely non-toxic and eco-friendly, so they're kind to the planet and your baby.

The removable play gym charms are made using certified organic cotton, too. This makes them super soft and safe for your little one.

It's super important that your newborn baby gets the stimulation they need to help them reach its developmental milestones. A play gym is a great way to do this, as it encourages babies to look, grasp and explore with the hanging charms.

But just make sure to limit their play time – too much stimulation can tire them!

It is recommended that you should provide your baby with one hour of unstructured play a day. This will give them enough time to explore and develop their skills, but also allow them enough time to rest.

And 30 minutes of structured play per day is also recommended. This includes any activities where parents are actively involved, such as puzzles or books.