Moses Basket Sheets

Moses basket sheets provide a clean, comfortable and breathable sleeping surface for your baby. Our fitted sheets are made from 100% certified organic materials, and help to keep your little one cool and comfortable all night long. Shop our moses basket sheets in a variety of prints and colours and find the perfect match for your nursery décor. Read more

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Fitted Moses Basket Sheets

Our Moses basket fitted sheets are made from 100% organic materials, the soft cotton fabric used to make our Moses basket sheets is highly durable, breathable and won’t shrink over time. They’re designed to fit snugly around your baby's mattress so they stay secure when in use and are easy to remove when it’s time to wash them.

You can use our fitted Moses basket sheets underneath our waterproof mattress covers to prevent bacteria that can collect, offering you a mess-free crib and a clean, happy baby!

The Little Green Sheep Moses Basket Sheets come in a variety of fun patterns and colours to match any nursery theme or colour scheme. Choose from our selection of solid colour or printed sheets for the perfect finishing touch to your baby's sleeping space.


No, not all Moses basket sheets are the same size. Depending on the style of Moses basket, the dimensions will vary. It's important to measure your Moses basket before you purchase your sheets to ensure you get the right fit. We sell fitted Moses basket sheets that fit Moses basket mattresses that measure between 30x70cm and 35x75cm.

You should aim to have your sheets machine washed and changed at least once a week. Keep in mind this may increase if your baby has some little accidents. You can search our range of designs to ensure you are fully stocked!

Search and reviews suggest a baby will sleep more soundly in a Moses basket in comparison to a cot or larger crib. The high sides and smaller overall size offer your baby with a sense of safety and security for a peaceful night's sleep. It is important to top your Moses basket with good quality sheets for your baby's ultimate comfort.

If you're looking for something soft and breathable, our linen and cotton blend sheets are a great option if you're looking for something soft and breathable. Our 100% organic cotton sheets are also a great option for those looking for something eco-friendly and sustainable, providing your baby with the utmost comfort.

A Moses basket is a perfectly safe item to reuse, provided it is not damaged. Our Moses baskets and mattresses are also durable and safe to reuse. However, it is important to regularly provide fresh bedding for your baby. Our fitted sheets are a great option to accompany your baby's basket and mattress.