Moses Basket Stands

A Moses basket stand can be a lifesaver when it comes to getting your baby to sleep through the night. If you have a Moses basket, but no stand, it can be tricky to get your baby off, and with reduced bending down, your back with thank you!! Read more

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Moses Basket Stands

At The Little Green Sheep, we offer a traditional Moses basket stand that can be folded down for easy storage and is designed to fit seamlessly into your nursery décor. Our other popular design is a rocking Moses basket stand, made from beechwood, that can help soothe your little one to sleep. The rocking back and forth motion has been proven to help babies get to sleep faster and for longer periods of time.

If you are looking for a Moses basket with stand that is both stylish and functional, we are confident that a Little Green Sheep stand will be perfect for you and your little one!

Did you know that we also make a range of Moses basket mattresses, sheets, liners and bundles so that you and your baby will feel cosy, comfortable and supported during those all-important early weeks and months.


No, unfortunately not. Each manufacturer has their own Moses basket stand that they produce to fit their own baskets only. However, you can take measurements of your existing Moses basket and find a stand to fit.

Some parents feel that their baby sleeps better without a stand, while others find that it helps to soothe their little one to sleep. If you do choose to use a stand, make sure that it is sturdy and well-made so that there is no risk of it toppling over.

Yes, a Moses basket stand can be a great investment as it will help you to get your baby to sleep through the night. It is also worth considering if you want to use your Moses basket as a travel cot, as a stand will make it much easier to transport.

Most babies will sleep in their Moses basket until they are around three or four months old, but this can vary from baby to baby. If your little one is starting to outgrow their basket, or is becoming restless and waking more often, it may be time to move them into a cot or bed.