Creators of beautiful, natural nursery & home products for little people

our roots


The Little Green Sheep was born in 2007 from a simple idea… To provide the very best for babies! This led us to discovering natural and organic materials and creating beautiful, long-lasting products that are away from chemicals.


The world of parenting is complex enough; we believe that our products don’t have to be.


Creating products in the most natural way possible for your precious little one.


Designed with parents in mind and carefully crafted from the best quality materials.


Our journey started with mattresses, after the shock discovery that nearly all baby mattresses are made using synthetic materials and treated with fire retardant chemical sprays! So with our ‘best for babies’ ethos in mind, we set about creating the UK’s very first certified organic baby mattress... and The Little Green Sheep was born!


With babies spending so much time sleeping on their mattress (16 hours a day on average!), making one without chemicals was essential for founders Mark and Paul. In our organic baby mattress, we found a way to offer the best support without the worry of any nasties... using just four of nature’s own ingredients!


At the heart of all our mattresses, aside from springy coconut coir and super soft cotton, is our (not so!) secret ingredient; Wool. Breathable and anti-allergenic, it’s the perfect ingredient for cot mattresses. It’s also a little known fact that Wool is naturally fireproof, meaning every Little Green Sheep mattress passes UK and European fire regulations without the use of any chemicals!

Some woolly facts

Naturally fireproof

It’s wool that ensures our mattresses pass the strict UK fire regulations without any chemical retardant sprays.

Naturally insulating & breathable

A natural insulator, wool helps you stay cool in the summer & warm in the winter; important as babies can’t regulate their own body temperature until 2-3 months old.

Naturally hypo-allergenic

Wool absorbs and disperses moisture away, creating a clean, dry environment that’s resistant to dust mites & bacteria growth.

14 years on & our promise to you

Paul and Mark are still at the heart of the brand, and along with Rosie, Roger and the rest of the team continue to create beautiful natural products to love and adore.

Over 250,000 parents have trusted in us for their baby, and a decade later our values still stand true.

Our mission for the future is to find more ways to offer a natural solution for little ones, with simple nursery and home products made with love and care, in the most natural possible way.

The Little Green Sheep Team


Beautifully made

Thoughtful designs that are simple and timeless in nature.

Natural materials

Carefully selected natural and organic materials are the foundation for all our products.

Best for babies

Providing the very best environment for babies and peace of mind for parents.