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  • Luxurious, quality support
  • Handmade using only the best natural materials
  • Free from toxins and harmful chemicals
  • Breathable and anti-dust mite
  • A waterproof mattress protector is required
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Select whether your custom mattress is rectangular or curved (e.g. Moses baskets)

We require a template

As your mattress has rounded corners, we will require a paper template (see instructions below on how to create this). The sooner we receive your template, the sooner we can get making your mattress! NB: The estimated delivery date above is based on us receiving this template within 3 working days.

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Can't find the mattress size you need?

  • The manufacturing time for your custom mattress with square edges is 4-5 weeks from when you place your order.
  • If your mattress requires round edges, we require a template and disclaimer from you before the order can be processed. The manufacturing time in this case in 4-5 weeks from receipt of your template.
  • The manufacturing cut-off point each week for Natural Coir and Natural Twist mattresses is Monday at 1pm.
  • Please follow the template guidelines to avoid any delays to your order. 
  • Sadly your custom mattress cannot be cancelled once ordered.
  • Due to strict safety guidelines, we are unable to change the mattress depth away from the standard recommendations.

Usage Guidelines:

  • ALWAYS use a waterproof mattress protector. Our mattresses are water resistant but not waterproof, and so using a waterproof mattress protector will help prolong the life of your mattress and help protect against dust mites.
  • We recommend turning your mattress every 3 months
  • Your mattress should be ventilated once a week perhaps during the time when the bedding is washed. Remove sheets and opened the bedroom window to evaporate any built up moisture
  • Every 3 months, take the mattress to a dry place (ideally outside), and beat the surface to remove any dust, keeping it nice and clean
  • Alternatively, vacuuming your mattress can help reduce the risk of dust mites
  • If your mattress is soiled, lightly sponge the cover with a mild detergent and air until completely dry