Creating a Natural Nursery

So, you’re looking to create a natural nursery for your baby? At the Little Green Sheep, we’re committed to creating natural and organic products for the nursery and home. Thankfully there’s a lot of inspiration out there to draw from. If you’re searching for advice for creating a natural nursery for your little one, we’ve got just the thing for you! Read on for our guide to creating a natural nursery, featuring practical design and decorating tips to help you bring more mother nature into your home.

Light & Bright

Try and ensure your baby’s nursery space gets as much natural light as possible. Doing so can help set them up for a more natural sleep pattern, making them more likely to wake when it gets light, and wind down when the day darkens.

A set of natural blackout curtains or blinds are just the thing to help regulate incoming light in the summer months when it may begin to disrupt their natural rhythms and sleep. It’s also important to ensure your baby’s room is well ventilated, with fresh air allowed to circulate from time-to-time. Fresh air is even said to promote longer, deeper sleep. As long as your baby is dressed appropriately for the temperature and time of year, there’s no reason not to air the nursery out from time-to-time

A Burst of Colour

Who said a natural nursery has to be decorated with neutral tones? Whilst we’re massive fans of a neutral colour palette - click here for some neutral nursery inspiration! - these nurseries prove that there’s no need to shy away from colourful accents.


No stranger to colourful interiors, @38bythesea has expertly layered a myriad of bright and beautiful accessories from pom poms and plushies, to a jungle-themed wooden mobile across a grounding neutral backdrop. Who said neutrals can be fun? Featuring one of our adorable Teepee Play Tents in Linen, it’s natural play every day in this vibrant space.


Born to be wild, @pimpmycrib_’s fantastic nursery combines complementary accents for the perfect marriage of warm tones and earthy greens. Featuring our sweet & cosy Natural Knitted Moses Basket in Honey, this lively space is chock full of character. We love the addition of the woven storage basket and lamp shade for an added natural touch.

Naturally Allergy-friendly

Ensure your little one is sleeping in an anti-allergy nursery by including natural bedding for their sensitive skin, washing with bio detergents to reduce skin irritation, and airing out their mattress to let the internal fibres breathe. For more information on creating an anti-allergy nursery, read our blog post all about it here.

Natural Comfort as They Grow

A natural mattress will ensure they are resting in the purest environment, free from toxins and harmful chemicals, and will create the right setting for a naturally comfortable night's sleep as they grow. We offer a range of natural mattresses for use in cribs and Moses baskets, all the way to cot, cot bed and junior bed sizes.


Not sure where to start? Our guide to buying your baby’s first mattress can help you discern what to look out for when making this all-important purchase. The benefits of opting for natural materials over synthetics can’t be overstated, so much so that you may find yourself dreaming of a natural night’s sleep. Don’t fret! Our range of Natural Adult Pocket Sprung Mattresses ensures you can sleep like a baby, too

Layering the Snug

Layer up your soft textures with a cosy pillow or two in your nursing chair, and super soft natural blanket, playful pom pom garlands on the walls, or a plush natural playmat, perfect for tummy time fun.


We love the softness of @regency_home_’s calming nursery space. For added snug, sheepskin rugs are a natural nursery classic that add an extra level of luxurious comfort to any room.

In case you hadn’t already guessed, we love wool here at The Little Green Sheep. Not just for its super soft feel, but for its sweat-wicking and temperature-regulating properties. Naturally fire-retardant, there’s no need to treat it with any nasty chemicals, either. It’s for these reasons and more that it’s become a staple of our natural mattresses.

Want to keep the natural comfort consistent whilst on the go? Why not invest in one of our super soft Sheepskin Pram Liners to keep little one cool in the summer and cosy warm in the winter.

Go Green

Potted greens should always be seen! Besides acting as natural air purifiers in a space your baby is likely spending a lot of time in, plants can also add a pop of colour and texture to any room. With little ones being more susceptible to air pollutants than adults, ensuring better air quality in your little one’s nursery should be a top priority.


Featuring Natural Elements

Sometimes it’s the smaller details that really make a room. Accessorise with natural elements and create decorative accents. These can range from the purely ornamental, such as wall hangings made from natural materials like macrame, wool, cotton and wood, to more practical decorative elements such as woven wicker or rattan storage solutions for everything from muslins, sleepwear, and toys. Style and functionality combine in our Natural Baby Play Gym collection, sure to provide hours of sensory stimulation and fun for your little ones.


@emmafaith_x has created a warm, inviting nursery space by pairing our Organic Honey Rice Cot sheet alongside sweet plush, knitted and crocheted hanging accessories featuring similar, complementary colours. She has also opted for Ferm Living’s adorable braided Pear storage basket for added whimsy and character. The whole space has such a cosy and inviting feel!

Natural Beauty

The natural world offers up an endless source of inspiration when it comes to decorating your home. Whether through the use of long-lasting materials in the products you purchase, or literal style inspiration taken from the powerful elements and landscapes that make up the places we call home.

At The Little Green Sheep, it’s our mission to create stylish, long-lasting products using high-quality natural materials, and free from harmful chemicals.

Beautifully crafted with comfort and safety at the forefront of our designs, it is our goal to help parents create the most natural sleep environment for their babies. For more natural nursery inspiration, be sure to visit our Instagram page. For more information on natural living and your baby, browse our Journal today.