Natural Comfort on the Go

It’s essential to get the right crib or Moses basket, as well as the best pram or carrycot, but what little ones sleep on is undoubtedly most important. As in your little one’s cot or crib, you want to make sure that your little one is supported while they sleep, no matter what.

Choose What They Would Choose

Did you know that in a survey we conducted of over 1300 parents, it was revealed that the most researched baby product is a pram? The least researched product? A baby’s mattress. A baby typically spends on average 1-2 hours a day in their pram. Meanwhile, according to the NHS, they can spend 8 hours or more per day on their mattress. Think about it.

Natural Comfort, Wherever They Go

We offer a range of mattress options for Moses baskets, Carrycots, and prams, designed to fit a variety of brands. Natural, and all designed to support your baby as they grow and offer a safe sleep space for your little one wherever they’re napping, free from toxins and nasties.

Don’t skimp on the right mattress support, ensure your baby is comfortable wherever they go. Shop our range of Natural Pram & Carrycot mattresses today.

Using a vintage or hand-me-down Moses basket, or simply need a mattress replacement for a new member of the family? Shop our range of Natural Moses basket mattresses now. Can't find the right fit? We also offer the option of custom-made mattresses to suit your needs, regardless of size and shape.

The Magic Material

It's no secret that the magic material at the heart of our mattresses is wool. Naturally anti-allergenic and temperature-regulating, wool is ideal for creating a gentle sleep surface for your little one's sensitive skin. This is why we also offer Sheepskin Pram Liners, to ensure temperature regulation for your little one throughout the seasons, both at home and on the go.

Comfort & Convenience

Our Natural Knitted and Quilted Moses baskets are designed for optimum comfort and breathability as your little one snoozes. Lovingly made from high-quality, air-permeable palm leaf, our beautiful Natural Moses baskets allow plenty of air flow for a more comfortable naptime for your little one, whether at home or on the go. Lightweight yet sturdy, our Moses baskets are ideal for picking up and moving around the home throughout the day or night. In spite of their delicate appearance, they're tougher than other maize baskets, featuring a super sturdy base and handles.


Our Moses baskets are designed to hold your baby in a safe, snug environment for a sense of familiarity at naptime, wherever they are. Learn more about the benefits of buying a Moses basket for your newborn, as well as how to create a natural nursery, the benefits of natural materials, and more on our blog today.