5 Reasons Natural Mattresses Are the Best Choice for Your Baby

Now more than ever, people are embracing natural alternatives and eco-friendly solutions for the products in their day-to-day lives. Any parent knows that the time our little ones spend sleeping is precious. So, why not ensure they’re getting a better night’s sleep, naturally. Read on to learn about the benefits of buying a natural mattress.


1. Made From Quality Natural Materials

From cover to core, the materials used to make natural mattresses are all chosen to provide the very best for your little one as they sleep. The kinds of materials used in natural mattresses will vary, but most commonly will include:

Coconut Coir
Alpaca wool

At The Little Green Sheep, we use a blend of natural latex and coconut coir for maximum support in our natural mattresses. A layer of wool, and a 100% cotton cover combine to provide extra comfort and breathability for your baby.

2. Non-Toxic

Little Green Sheep natural mattresses are free from any nasties. Non-toxic, true natural mattresses are free from any harmful chemicals, and full of all kinds of natural goodness to help support your child. Did you know that wool - one of the key materials in Little Green Sheep mattresses - is naturally fire-resistant? It's how our mattresses pass British Fire Safety standards without the use of any fire chemicals.

3. Natural Mattresses are Breathable

Natural Mattresses are more breathable than synthetic mattresses. This is because natural materials such as those included in Little Green Sheep mattresses are chosen for their air-permeable properties to promote maximum airflow.

The cotton covers on our Little Green Sheep natural mattresses, for example, offer a breathable alternative to synthetic fabrics found in standard mattresses. Cotton is also much more gentle on delicate skin, ensuring a super soft surface for your baby to sleep on. Coupled with a temperature-regulating wool core, this sweat-wicking wonder material allows for a warm and dry sleep environment, and a comfortable night’s sleep for your little one.

4. Superior Support

Of all the different kinds of baby mattresses, natural mattresses are one of the firmest, and provide optimal support as recommended by safe sleep experts. Along with luxuriously soft sheep’s wool, natural latex binds with a sturdy coconut fibre core to add an extra layer of comfort. Meanwhile, layers of coconut coir act like tiny individual springs to relieve pressure points and provide superior, evenly spread support for your child.

5. Naturally Hypo-Allergenic

One of the biggest bonuses of choosing a natural mattress is that they can be ideal for people who suffer from certain allergies. The wool used in natural mattresses naturally absorbs and disperses moisture away, creating a clean, dry environment that repels dust mites & bacteria growth.

Natural Comfort & Support for your Little One

The benefits of natural mattresses are endless. At The Little Green Sheep, all of our mattresses are sustainably made in solar-powered factories to the highest standard to ensure only the best night’s sleep for your little one.

With a lower carbon footprint than standard synthetic mattresses, not only is buying a natural mattress a more sustainable choice for the environment, but it’s an excellent choice for your baby, too. Rest easy knowing your baby is sleeping safe and sound in a pure, natural environment.

If it’s your first time buying a baby mattress, be sure to check our Mattress Buying Guide for a more comprehensive low-down on everything you need to know when it comes to buying a mattress for your child.