Natural Matters: The Benefits of Natural Materials

Here at The Little Green Sheep, we’ve long championed the use of natural materials. With babies spending on average 14 hours a day sleeping, why not ensure they’re getting the best night’s sleep, naturally.

This ethos extends across our range, from our organic baby blankets, sleeping bags, and sheets, to our award-winning collection of natural mattresses. When it comes to our products, the high-quality natural materials used to make them are truly the star of the show. So, let’s get to know them a little better, shall we?


The wonder material! Wool truly has it all, naturally breathable and cosy soft, it’s the magic ingredient in our mattresses that helps to provide the best sleep environment for your little one.


Naturally anti-allergenic, it’s ideal for creating a gentle sleep environment for your little one’s sensitive skin. Dust mites, a pest that can be the cause of much skin irritation and discomfort simply cannot survive in wool in temperate climates such as the UK, as it is far too dry an environment for them to thrive. This makes wool the ideal anti-dust mite material for your baby’s nursery.

Wool is also temperature-regulating, which is a huge benefit for newborns, as they cannot regulate their own body temperature until they are about 3 to 4 months old. This is also why our pram liners are made from wool, as they can be used to keep your little one warm in the winter and cool in the summer for year-round comfort.

Lastly, wool also happens to be a natural fire-retardant, meaning that our mattresses pass British Fire Safety standards without the use of any nasty fire-proof chemicals. How amazing is that?

Natural Latex 

Starting life as sap from the Hevea Tree, the natural latex in our mattresses works like a natural glue to bind the coconut fibres together. You could also describe it as a layer of natural foam to add another level of comfort to the mattress.


Sustainable and extremely durable, natural latex maintains its quality after years of use, making it an ideal choice for use in mattresses designed to see little ones through their formative years.

Coconut Fibres

Harvested from the husk of coconuts, coconut fibre is the perfect material for forming the sturdy core structure of our natural mattresses.


Sturdy and springy enough to protect coconuts when they fall from the tree, you can bet this is another highly durable material. In our natural mattresses, layers of coconut coir act like thousands of tiny natural springs to reduce pressure points and provide even support, which is vital for a comfortable night’s sleep.


Baby products crafted from natural materials are often kinder to your little one due to being more gentle on sensitive skin. It’s why all of our bedding is made using only the finest natural materials. Our range of bedding features organic cotton sheets, super soft organic baby blankets, as well as luxury linen and cotton blend sleepwear for enhanced breathability and comfort.


Long-lasting and durable, we also use cotton as the cover and casing for our natural mattresses. Compared to more synthetic covers, a cotton cover offers added breathability and comfort to your mattress. It’s also super soft against baby’s delicate skin, so they can sleep soundly time and time again.

Crafted with Love & Care

With babies spending on average 14 hours a day sleeping, why not ensure they’re getting the best night’s sleep, naturally. With our range of award-winning, lovingly handmade mattresses, Moses baskets and bedding, naptime has never been more natural!

With over 10 years of experience dedicating ourselves to creating the best for babies and championing natural materials, our mission for the future is to find more ways to offer a natural solution for families. With over 250,000 parents trusting in us for their baby, over a decade later our values still stand true. Our promise to you? To continue offering timeless nursery and home products made with love and care, in the most natural way possible.