A Guide to Baby Sleeping Bag Togs

When it comes to buying your baby’s sleepwear and bedtime bits, an essential part of the decision-making process is whether it will keep them warm and comfortable. This is where tog comes in, and it’s arguably one of the most important aspects of their sleep experience.

Not sure where to start? We’re here to clear up a few things so you can feel confident choosing the right tog for your baby, and put them down to bed safely and comfortably.

Why Choose Baby Sleeping Bags?

Among the many benefits of baby sleeping bags is that they aid in keeping your little one at a consistent temperature through the night and day as they nap.

At the same time, they also allow for plenty of wriggle room without being restrictive, and more importantly with posing the risk of getting tangled up or smothered with layers of blankets.


Our baby sleeping bags marry elegant design and natural comfort all in one beautiful piece of sleepwear. Available in a playful rice design, as well as block colour options, they’re sure to keep your little one in a comfy slumber at naptimes.

The new range of Little Green Sheep sleeping bags, come in 1.0 tog for the soaring summer temperatures, and 2.5 tog to ensure little ones are sure to stay snug and stylish throughout the changing seasons!

Tog & Temperature Regulations

First of all, it’s good practice to monitor the temperature of the room your baby sleeps in, and especially important when it comes to choosing the correct tog sleepwear.

Sleep Experts recommend 16-20 ֯C as the ideal room temperature when it comes to baby sleep.

Babies under 12 months are more vulnerable when it comes to overheating, so be sure to adjust temperatures in your bedroom accordingly when you’re little one sleeps by your side in their crib or Moses basket. Having a thermometer handy is always a good idea, no matter the season.


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How to Choose the Right Tog Sleeping Bag?

When picking your sleeping bag tog, it’s important to understand that the higher the tog, the thicker the material and lining of your baby’s sleeping bag will be.

Picking out the right tog for your baby will completely depend on the climate you live in and the time of year that you’re shopping for.

With this in mind, it’s handy to have a few different tog sleeping bags to hand in varying sizes so you can cycle them throughout the year, along with spares to account for any night-time accidents.


As you can see from the image guide above, the right tog for your baby will completely depend on the climate. For a quick run-down, remember:

  • 2.5 Tog is ideal for use all year round for temperatures anywhere between 16-20 degrees (61-68F)
  • 1.0 Tog is recommended for warm summer temperatures between 21-23 degrees C (69-74F)
  • Anything lower than 1 Tog is what you'll need for when things really start to heat up, anywhere between 24-27 degrees C (75-81F)

In their first six months, your baby should always be sleeping in the same room as you for safety reasons. Of course, it's always recommended to check in on your little one as they sleep, regardless.

If you want to check their temperature specifically, aside from gently placing a thermometer beneath their armpit, you can also place a hand delicately behind their neck to check whether they're too warm.

If it feels damp or warmer than usual, consider removing layers to regulate their temperature until they're comfortable.


Happy Napping

With all this tog knowledge under your belt, you should be well and truly ready to gather up your baby's sleepwear essentials.

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