Discover the Benefits of Modern Moses Baskets for Your Little One (and You!)

Do you have a little one on the way? Are you looking for an ideal sleeping and lounging option that is perfect for both your baby and their nursery? Modern Moses baskets could be exactly what you need!

It's no secret that getting your baby to sleep is one of the most challenging aspects of parenting, especially for new parents.

Moses baskets have been a favourite sleeping solution for babies for a long time (centuries even), and modern Moses baskets are a modern take on this classic with updated design elements, materials and looks.

Moses baskets are a must-have staple of any new parents' home. Not only do they give your little one a sense of snuggly security, but also they help provide some peace of mind to anxious parents as well, knowing that their baby is safe and sound.


Traditional Moses Basket vs Modern Moses Basket

Moses baskets can be traced back centuries, from the Biblical time period. They were traditionally made from reeds or woven grasses which gave them their distinctive shape and form.

A traditional Moses basket style using the same materials and weaving techniques is still available for parents who want to stay true to the original look and feel, but modern Moses baskets are an updated version.

They offer modern materials, like lightweight fabrics, in addition to modern shapes and designs that fit right into the latest nursery trends and support babies' sleep.

Modern Moses Basket Styles

What's more, Moses baskets come in all colours and patterns to match any decor style you have going in your house.

Neutral shades like white, cream and grey are perfect for modern nurseries – you can use neutral colours as a base and then add punches of bright colours and nursery accessories to create a modern, contemporary nursery space.

We recommend choosing your nursery furniture first so that you can match modern Moses basket colours and designs to your existing furniture and accessories. This way, your interior design will be cohesive.

There are so many different styles of Moses baskets that you can choose from, and these are just some of the most popular:

Quilted Moses Baskets

The Little Green Sheep offers modern Moses baskets with extra padding and quilting for a touch of luxury and comfort for your baby. After all, we know you only want the best for your child!

These quilted Moses baskets are perfect for your baby's delicate skin, as the Moses basket liner is made from beautiful organic cotton that will keep your baby comfortable and snug.

The basket itself is made from palm leaf, so it's very easy to move around and is perfect for taking your little one with you wherever you go.

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Natural Quilted Moses Basket Bundle - Honey Rice

From £124.95

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Natural Quilted Moses Basket Liner 

From £44.95

Knitted Moses Baskets

Or why not opt for a classic knitted-style Moses basket? We've plenty of modern knitted basket designs available in natural and modern colours to choose from, so you can match the basket perfectly to your nursery's decor.

The knitted baskets are made from the same palm leaf material, but the Moses basket liners are knitted rather than quilted.

You'll still get the super soft organic cotton comfort for your baby, just with a knitted rather than quilted finish.

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Natural Knitted Moses Basket Bundle - White

From £134.95

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Natural Knitted Moses Basket Bundle - Linen

From £134.95

Why Choose a Modern Moses Basket?

As modern Moses baskets have been designed with modern parents in mind, they are made to perform just as well as traditional Moses baskets, with modern materials, modern styles and modern looks.

They provide a safe sleeping area for your newborn and can also be used for leisurely lounging. The best Moses baskets will be shaped for comfort for your little one to sleep peacefully.

Not only that, but modern Moses baskets are also lightweight and easy to move around the house. So if you've got a busy lifestyle, Moses baskets make it super convenient for you to still keep an eye on your baby whilst you go about your day.

And cleaning them isn't a hassle either! In fact, our Moses basket liners can be machine-washed at 30 degrees Celsius, so it's easy to keep your baby's sleeping environment clean and healthy.


Moses Baskets vs Cribs

Babies are small, so naturally, a Moses basket is a great choice for newborns as it gives them a cosy space to lay. It's the perfect size to let your baby drift off to sleep in safety and comfort.

However, as your baby grows bigger, there will come a time when your baby is not as little as they used to be! We recommend to parents that Moses baskets are ideal for children up to 6 months old, and that after this period, it's best to transition your baby into a crib.

Cribs are, of course, larger and will provide your growing child with the space they need to move around and explore.

However, modern Moses baskets are a great option for the first few months of your baby's life, and many parents love the convenience and safety they provide.

At The Little Green Sheep, we are proud to offer modern Moses baskets that are as stylish as they are practical! We know that parents want the very best for their little ones, and we are here to provide it.

Moses Basket Stands

To make your modern Moses basket even more secure, Moses basket stands are also available.

These stands securely hold the modern Moses basket in place, so that you can keep an eye on your baby whilst they are sleeping, and you are busy around the house. Rather than laying the Moses basket on the ground – which could be hazardous – a Moses basket stand will elevate your modern Moses basket off the ground, providing added stability.

A rocking stand is also a popular choice because they allow you to rock your baby gently, helping to soothe them off to sleep.

You can find both regular and rocking Moses basket stands here at The Little Green Sheep – allowing you to get all your essentials in one place.

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Moses Basket Static Stand


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Moses Basket Rocking


Final Thoughts: Why Choose A Modern Moses Basket?

A modern Moses basket from The Little Green Sheep offers the perfect combination of modern style, comfort and practicality.

For a safe and secure place for your baby to sleep, modern Moses baskets are a perfect choice! They offer a snug, cosy nest that can be used anywhere in the home and can even be taken when you're out on family adventures or trips.

Plus, our Moses baskets come with machine-washable liners to make cleaning easy. Combine your modern Moses basket with a matching stand to secure your basket off the ground, and you'll have the perfect sleep set-up for your baby.



Moses baskets are a fantastic choice for newborns, providing a snug and comfortable place to sleep. We recommend moving your baby to a crib or cot once they reach 6 months old to provide them with the extra space they need.

A luxury Moses basket will let your baby sleep in ultimate comfort. Moses baskets from The Little Green Sheep are perfect for newborns and come with a machine-washable liner for easy cleaning.

For safety reasons, we recommend moving your baby out of the modern Moses basket once they reach 6 months old. At this stage, it's best to transition your baby into a crib for extra space.

Can a newborn sleep in a Moses basket all night? Yes, a modern Moses basket is an ideal place for newborns to sleep. Our modern Moses baskets provide a safe and secure environment for your little one to rest in. And with a Moses basket stand, you can keep your baby at a safe height off the ground.