7 Cute Ways to Involve Your Dog in Your Pregnancy Announcement

If you’ve recently found out you’re having a baby, you’ve probably been thinking about all the different ways you can break the news to your friends and family. Including your pup in the announcement can be a really fun way to share the news, and it’s an idea that never gets old!

Your furry friend is an important part of your family, and it's only right that they get a starring role in your big news.

We’ve seen some really cute ways of including dogs in pregnancy announcements, so we’ve put together a list of our top 7 favourites to inspire you.

#1 The 'Big Brother/Sister' Sign

This idea really puts your dog at the heart of the announcement, which is a nice way to ensure they’re still very much part of your expanding family.

Simply hang a sign over their head that says, "I'm going to be a big brother/sister!". There are lots of cute signs like this online, or you could make your own, which will make the announcement even more special and give you something to keep.

If your dog is particularly small, or you’re struggling to get them to keep the sign around their neck, you can always prop it up next to them instead.

You could also place the sign against a Moses basket next to your dog, along with some teddies and clothes.

#2 The Classic Ultrasound Photo

For this adorable dog pregnancy announcement, photograph your furry friend tenderly guarding your baby's ultrasound image. The easiest time to do this is when your pup is already feeling sleepy, so they’ll happily lay with the photo.

This charming gesture beautifully showcases how your loyal pup is already embracing its protector role, eagerly awaiting the arrival of your little one. It also serves as a great keepsake to show or give your little one when they’re older.

#3 Paws on the Bump

Imagine a picture where your adorable puppy's tiny paw gently rests on your blossoming baby bump. This sweet imagery not only serves as an adorable way to announce your pregnancy but also offers a glimpse into the unbreakable bond between your furry friend and your growing family.

With the added benefit of simplicity and the ability to be DIY, this set-up becomes the perfect choice for announcing your pregnancy, especially during those moments when exhaustion takes over.

#4 Matching Baby and Dog Outfits

This involves a little bit of future projection, so you might want to wait until you feel secure in your pregnancy for this one. Buying a baby sleeping bag and a matching dog bandana or shirt gives you the opportunity to create a visual connection between your baby and your dog.

Lay them side by side for the announcement photo, adding a note that says, "Coming soon, my new playmate". You can also expand this announcement to include you and your partner with a pregnancy announcement shirt for both of you as well to create the ultimate family photo.

Our baby sleeping bags are perfect for this, and you can keep them back for when your little one arrives!

#5 The 'Reading' Pup

Capture the heartwarming moment of your furry friend 'reading' a book about becoming a big brother or sister. This adorable dog pregnancy announcement idea not only brings joy and cuteness but also conveys your message clearly and excitingly.

If your pooch will tolerate it, why not try to balance some glasses on their snout to make them look extra studious? If they’re known to sit in a funny way on a chair, with their elbow on the armrest, for example, this can add to the photo, too.

#6 Make Sure Your Dog’s Dressed for the Occasion

If you have a dog that’s open-minded enough to accept being dressed up, this is the perfect occasion for it.

Simply get your dog to sit in a beautiful location, wearing their new accessory. Try to get them sitting as straight as possible so they look like they’re beaming with pride at the news. You can take a couple of photos with you and your partner in the shot, too, to create a beautiful family portrait.

#7 Dog Paws & Baby Boots

We know all too well that not all dogs tolerate getting dressed up, wearing props, or even following a command for a photo. If that sounds like your dog, this simple photo announcement idea could be the one for you.

For this image, you just need to get your dog to sit. One of you could hold their lead behind them if it helps (don’t worry, they won’t be in the shot). Then, place a pair of baby booties between their front paws and take a close-up photo of their feet with the booties in between.

This can make a great option for an announcement card or a social media post with a caption about the baby having big shoes to fill as the new baby of the family.

Rounding Up Our Favourite Pregnancy Announcement Ideas With Your Pup

Your pregnancy announcement is one of the first big steps in creating your perfect family. Including your dog in your announcement is the ultimate way to solidify your bond with your furry friend and help begin their bond with their new human sibling.

So, get your camera out and start creating your Pinterest-worthy announcement for everyone to enjoy!


There are a variety of ways to announce your pregnancy using your dog. Making a baby announcement with your dog can be the first step in making your dog comfortable with the impending changes. You can get your pup to wear a pregnancy announcement dog bandana if they're comfortable or take a simple photo with your dog and your ultrasound or a pregnancy announcement baby vest.

The time it takes for a dog to adjust to a new baby greatly varies depending on the dog's temperament, behavioural training, and the environment. Typically, dogs may take a few weeks to a couple of months. Maintaining consistency in routine, promoting positive interactions, and rewarding good behaviour can expedite the adjustment process. Always ensure the baby's and dog's safety during this transition period.

Dogs, with their keen sense of smell, often sense pregnancy in their human companions. They may exhibit signs of increased protectiveness, spend more time in the company of the pregnant individual, or show alterations in their behaviour, such as increased affection or anxiety.

Yes, many dogs do become more clingy when their human companion is pregnant. Dogs may pick up on the hormonal changes that occur in a pregnant person and react by becoming more protective or affectionate. Each dog's response can vary depending on their personality.