How to Create a Rustic Chic Nursery

When decorating your little one’s nursery, finding the right style can be one of the most fun parts! In this blog, we’re focusing on Rustic Chic. So, for anyone with a penchant for natural, cosy interior design, read on for some tips on how to achieve the look in your little one’s nursery!

Embracing a Rustic Aesthetic

Rustic Chic interior design shares its name and visual aesthetic with a few different styles, most notably ‘Cottagecore’. These styles, though unique and distinctive in their own way, often share common design elements. Rustic Chic, like Cottagecore, incorporates natural, traditional design elements in an effortlessly modern way, preserving all the charms of the past with an elegant contemporary twist.


Combining all the best parts of rural living, there’s something romantic and nostalgic about Rustic Chic design, a rose-tinted glimpse into a simpler time. It’s all in the details, the simple elegance of a vintage chandelier, for example, paired perfectly with worn, repainted furniture and bare wood flooring.

It takes vision to successfully incorporate worn pieces into a fresh new space, and this room does it perfectly! The soft colour palette in this nursery gives the room a gentle, modern feel that ties everything together. The sweetest style for your baby’s first bedroom!

Bringing the Outside In

This gorgeous nursery looks like something straight out of a fairytale children’s book! The beautiful feature wall brings an air of whimsy to the room, and pairs perfectly with the earthy colour scheme. Muted neutrals and earthy tones are ideal when aiming for a rustic nursery style.


Using quality, timeless pieces like this warm metal cot, and combining with natural materials such as wood & wool really draws attention, with all the different textures bringing their own visual appeal to the room.

Sturdy, well-made furniture is the way to go. Even if pieces aren’t 100% perfect and have taken a bit of wear & tear, if they’re high quality and still fit for purpose, they can make ideal Rustic Chic decor pieces. For example, we’re loving the vintage suitcase storage in this nursery!

The floral wreath also adds a touch of natural charm to the space that ties the feature wall in with the rest of the decor. Where possible, consider including either real or fake plants or flowers into the room for a bit of colour and whimsy.

Natural Accents

Worn wooden photo frames, cosy knit baby blankets, and soft sheepskin rugs. If you can’t go full Rustic Chic, channel it in the details. Our natural Knitted Moses baskets are made with quality palm leaf, breathable and beautiful! Choose from a range of colours to suit your preference, and pair with matching organic bedding in either classic plain, or patterned designs.


Wicker accents in the form of storage baskets and decorative pieces work perfectly alongside traditional wooden toys in this little one's bedroom. When it comes to buying toys for your little one, natural materials and textures can provide a wonderful sensory experience for curious hands. Not to mention that high-quality natural toys can be extremely durable. When cared for properly, they can last for years, making for a wonderful heirloom full of memories and significance to pass on to future generations.

Our natural Wooden Baby Gyms feature a range of different themed charm sets to suit any nursery. Pair with our plush Quilted Playmats for extra comfort while your little one hits the gym!

Make it Your Own

Whether you're combining vintage or second-hand furniture, buying new, or both - don't forget to make the space your own! A nursery is somewhere you and your little family will be spending time together and making memories, so make it special by including personal touches. Framed scan photos, baby shower gifts from close friends or family, or hand-crocheted or painted pieces if you're feeling creative!

By its very nature, Rustic Chic style evokes a sense of nostalgia and cosiness. Capture that successfully for your little one, and their nursery will truly be a beautiful place for them to look back on and remember as they grow up.