How to Create the Perfect Play Den

Lately, you and your little ones are likely finding yourselves spending a lot more time indoors. Thinking of ways to keep them occupied? Why not create an indoor play den for them to nestle up and have fun in? Read on for some of our tips and once you're done, you'll be creating cosy play corners and decorating dens with the kids like a pro!

What You'll Need

For starters, you'll need some kind of structure to form the base of your den. For this, you can use anything from sofas, tables, or old cardboard boxes - the bigger the better! Failing that, a bit of string, some pegs and old drapes or bed sheets will do. Want to go the extra mile? Why not use one of our Teepee Play Tents for a true VIP Glamping experience?

Make it Comfy

Once you've got the structure of your play den down, you can focus on turning it into a comfy cocoon of cosiness! And trust us, where play dens & pillow forts are concerned, there's no such thing as too many pillows. Have a sweep around the house for all your most plump and soft cushions. Layer blankets both thin and thick to line the base of your fort, to give your kids something to curl up under when it comes to storytime.

Our Baby Playmats fit perfectly inside our Teepees and make a lovely cushioned base for any den. For an extra luxurious touch of cosiness, consider draping Sheepskin Rugs or Liners across the floor inside your den, or across stacks of pillows for a soft touch when lounging around.


Scatter the inside of your den with all your favourite toys and games, as well as precious objects that put a smile on your face when you're feeling down. This is a space for positivity and fun, so make sure it's full of things that bring you joy!

Decorating Your Den

Light up your den and add a touch of magic and whimsy by draping fairy lights or hanging lanterns. Garlands and bunting make for a lovely finishing touch when decorating your play den. You could even get together with your little ones to create your own hanging decor, dream catchers, and more. All you need is a bit of string, coloured card, beads and feathers. Your play den can become a big creative project for the whole family to get involved in if you want it to! Otherwise, keep it snug and simple for the perfect break out area for your little ones.

Play Den Activities

The beauty of any play den is that once it's been set up, it can become the home to all kinds of activities. Perhaps it becomes your new reading nook, or a cosy nest to snuggle in and watch your favourite films and cartoons together. For the artists among us, it might be the perfect little spot to knuckle down and get creative with a pot of coloured pencils and pad of paper.


The function of your den can vary depending on the day, changing to meet your children's moods and needs. Whether it becomes a permanent fixture, or exists as a temporary space to pass the time in and wait for brighter days when life is giving you shades of grey. Make your play den your own, and remember, just putting it together is half the fun!