How to Decorate Your Nursery With Patterns

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Feeling inspired by our new collection? Read on for some style suggestions on how to incorporate patterns into your baby’s space.

No Plain No Gain

When introducing new patterns into your nursery, try to mix them in with a variety of plain neutrals to balance the room. This way, the room will appear effortlessly stylish without looking too busy. It’s all about highlighting the understated elegance of your chosen designs without overcrowding the space.

Coupling Complementary Colours

Pick your palette! Whether you’re opting for cooler tones or looking to warm your little one’s space up with shades of sweet honey and cream, look to combine colours that complement one another.


Warmer shades are believed to stimulate the body and mind, with yellow tones thought to stimulate creativity and concentration, while orange hues are said to encourage interaction, expression, and communication. Experiment with different shades of colour, and consider balancing warm and cool tones for a fresh, modern look.

Pattern Pairing 

Play around with patterns in the nursery! Not only do they add character, but they can also aid and stimulate your little one’s visual development. Don’t feel limited by child-specific prints. Minimal or geometric designs can pair well together, creating a more mature, refined look for your little one that’s easier to adapt as they grow.