Moses Basket Wins Mother & Baby Award 2020

We're thrilled to announce our Moses basket win at the 2020 Mother & Baby awards!


Featured in the Best Cots, Cribs, or Moses Baskets 2020 category,our very own LGS Moses basket took home Silver! Chosen for its quality and portability, it received wonderful feedback from its product testing panel that’s left us glowing with pride!

"A really lovely Moses basket, good solid base to the basket which provides excellent support for baby. Other baskets I have tried are more flexible at the base and I feel they don't support the baby well enough. But this was not the case here. My baby was very happy to lie in the basket. It had a lovely softcover which was easy to wash, and the quality was excellent." - Rebecca, Product Tester

"This Moses basket makes my life easier as a mum as I know that I have a safe space I can leave my baby to sleep and rest whilst I get on with everyday life. It is great that I can pick the Moses basket up and take it with me into different rooms so that I can continue my life as normally as possible." - Sarah, Product Tester