Pregnancy Announcement To Parents

Making your pregnancy announcement to your or your partner's parents can be an incredibly exciting and nerve-wracking experience - but you should focus on making this moment as special as possible!

You may have a million thoughts running through your head, from how they'll react to what their response will be. But the truth is, your parents are likely to be overjoyed and ecstatic at the news.

If you're not sure where to start or how to go about sharing the news that they're about to be grandparents, we've got some super helpful tips as to what you should and shouldn't do.

How Soon Should You Tell Your Parents You're Pregnant?

The timing of when you tell your parents about your pregnancy is a personal decision and will vary from person to person.

For people who are close to their parents, you may want to share the news as soon as possible so that you can share the excitement and journey together.

On the other hand, some people may want to wait until after their first trimester when the risk of miscarriage decreases. Twelve weeks is usually when people will share the news with their wider family and friends.

Ultimately, it is up to you when you feel comfortable sharing the news with your parents, and you'll know when the time feels right.

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How to Announce Your Pregnancy to Your Parents

When you've decided that it's time to tell your parents about your pregnancy, the next step is to actually share the news.

Again, the way in which you go about this will depend on your relationship with your parents, but there are some do's and don'ts to consider:

Do – Choose the Right Time & Place

Timing is everything, and you want your parents to be able to give their undivided attention when you announce your pregnancy.

Choosing an appropriate time and place will allow for a more meaningful and memorable experience, and it'll give you the space to discuss the news in more detail – they're bound to have lots of questions!

We recommend sharing the news with them at home, perhaps over a family lunch or dinner, and when they aren't too busy or preoccupied with other things.

You'll also want to consider whether there are other things going on in your parents' lives that may impact their reaction. For example, if they are going through a stressful time or a busy schedule, it may be best to wait until things have calmed down.

Do – Share the News in Person

We also think sharing the news in person is the best way to go.

Not only does it give you the opportunity to see their expressions and reactions, but it also shows that this moment is important to you.

If you're unable to share the news in person due to distance or other circumstances, a video call or phone call can also be just as special.

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Don't – Be Upset if They Don't React the Way You Expect

While you may be over the moon and excited to share your pregnancy news with your parents, it's important to remember they may be initially shocked or surprised by the news, particularly if they weren't aware that you and your partner were trying for a baby.

Their initial surprise may mean that their excitement doesn't show right away, and that's completely normal.

Give them some time to process the news, and don't be upset if their reaction isn't what you expected.

Do – Be Honest & Direct

While a fun and creative pregnancy announcement can make the moment more memorable, it shouldn't be done in a way that confuses or misleads your parents.

Be honest and direct when sharing the news, as your parents will appreciate your straightforwardness. You can share as many or as few details as you wish, but make sure to communicate the important details, such as your due date and how you're feeling.

After all, they're there to support you and your partner through this journey, so keeping them in the loop is important.

Don't – Make Assumptions About Their Thoughts

If you're feeling anxious about announcing your pregnancy to your parents, you may start to make assumptions about how they will react or what they'll think.

Try not to get too caught up in these thoughts and instead trust that your parents will be supportive and happy for you. Take their reaction as it comes, and remember that their love for you and your growing family will always be there.

Don't – Forget to Give Them Time to Process the News

Although you and your partner are the ones who have been preparing for this moment, it's essential to remember that your parents are also going through a big change in becoming grandparents.

They may need some time to process the news and come to terms with their new role, so be patient and understanding as they comprehend the news.


10 Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Parents

Your pregnancy is a special moment, so you should make it as exciting as possible!

There are lots of ways you can announce your pregnancy to your parents, from cool and creative to sentimental and heartwarming. And ultimately, it should be done in a way that feels authentic and true to you.

You can use one of the 10 ideas below to inspire you or even mix them up a bit to come up with your own unique pregnancy announcement to your parents:

  1. Video montage – create a video montage of your pregnancy journey so far, including your positive pregnancy test and ultrasound pictures. You can sit down and watch it with your parents, capturing their reactions on camera!
  2. Family Sunday dinner – gather your parents and family for a Sunday dinner, and simply share the news over dessert.
  3. Framed ultrasound picture – frame your ultrasound picture and give it to your parents as a surprise gift.
  4. Custom shirts or onesies – give your parents matching customised shirts or onesies with "Nanny" and "Grandad" written on them.
  5. Family games night – play a game of charades or Pictionary with your parents, and have them guess the answer to "We're having a baby!"
  6. Surprise cake – as part of your family dinner, you could bake a cake (or have one made) with the message "We're Pregnant!" written on it in icing, and serve it up for dessert.
  7. Matching mugs – make customised mugs for your parents with the message "World's best grandparents" on them.
  8. Family photoshoot – gather your family for a photoshoot, and use the opportunity to announce your pregnancy with a cute photo holding up signs or wearing t-shirts that say "Baby on the way!"
  9. Scavanger hunt – create a scavenger hunt for your parents to find the news, with clues leading them to different baby-related items.
  10. Have your pet do the announcing – if you have a furry family member, you could train them to bring a note or toy with the message "I'm going to be a big brother/sister" on it.

What Should I Do if My Parents Aren't Supportive of My Pregnancy?

For whatever reason, you may be concerned that your parents won't be supportive or react in the way that you want them to. This can be a difficult situation, but remember that, ultimately, this is your pregnancy and your decision.

You may find it helpful to have a conversation with your parents about their concerns and try to understand where they're coming from.

But at the end of the day, it's important to surround yourself with love and support during this time, so make sure to lean on your partner, friends, and other family members for support if needed.

Summary: Announcing Your Pregnancy to Your Parents

Announcing your pregnancy to your parents is a special and personal experience. Remember to choose the right time and place, be honest and direct, and give them time to process the news.

And don't forget to have fun and get creative with your pregnancy announcement – after all, this is a moment you'll want to remember forever.

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The timing of when to tell your parents is a personal decision. Some people may want to share the news as soon as possible, while others may prefer to wait until after their first trimester (the 12th week of pregnancy).

Six weeks is a perfectly acceptable time to announce your pregnancy to family that you're pregnant if you feel comfortable doing so. However, some people may prefer to wait until after their first trimester (12 weeks) when the risk of miscarriage decreases.

Telling your parents about your pregnancy is your decision, and it's not something you have to do. However, sharing the news can bring you closer together and provide support during your pregnancy journey.

A surprise pregnancy announcement can be a fun way to share the news with your parents if you think they'll appreciate it. If not, a more direct approach may be best, like a simple sit-down conversation. If they knew that you were trying for a baby, a surprise announcement can be an exciting idea, but if they're not aware, it may be best to avoid any confusion or surprises.