Styling a Natural Bedroom

Give your bedroom a makeover, and level up your sleep and wellbeing in the process. At the Little Green Sheep, we’re committed to creating natural and organic products for the home. As a result, we’re super passionate about natural design that doesn’t cost the earth. Read on for tips on how to bring the outdoors in, and rewild your indoor space.


Natural Comfort

A good night’s sleep is all in the prep, so be sure to invest in your sleep space with a quality natural mattress. Our Natural Pocket Sprung Mattresses feature only the finest natural materials, expertly layered for a luxuriously comfortable night's sleep. Free from nasty chemicals and fire retardant sprays, giving you peace of mind as you sleep in a pure and natural environment.


Uniquely dual-sided, you can choose between medium and medium-firm support to suit your preference. Simply flip the dual-sided natural mattress to achieve the right support for you. A great night’s sleep has never been so easy!

Remember, quality of sleep can often be influenced by the materials you sleep with and on. Everything from texture, firmness, and temperature can play a part in how much sleep you get. Natural materials are great for keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, offering greater temperature regulation through the seasons. This is why we've included materials such as wool, cotton, and coconut coir in our natural mattresses for optimum year-round comfort and breathability.


Pair your natural mattress with a range of inviting natural accessories, such as sheepskins, as well as blankets and throws with linen and knitted textures, and neutral accents to create a cosy, relaxed atmosphere.

Light & Bright

A bedroom with natural light instantly feels more open and airy. With daylight said to be essential for boosting our mood, as well as general health and wellbeing, the benefits to brightening your space are seemingly endless. Keep window dressings minimal during the day with light, pale cotton and linen fabrics to let in the daylight. At night, enhance your sleep experience with black out blinds.


Allow yourself and, where possible, your routine to be guided by the daily transition and movement of light and shade, letting fresh air in where possible to level the natural room temperature. To add another natural sensory element, consider using a diffuser to air the scent of essential oils throughout your home. If you have pets, be sure to check which ones are appropriate for use in your home, along with any plants.

Style in Simplicity

Usher in a style of simplicity by embracing natural accents such as wood tones, and plant-based materials such as seagrass, bamboo, jute, as well as woven willow and palm. Such materials can work well as natural storage to create softer edges within your space.


Rising up the ranks as one of the most fashionable interior design materials is rattan, an exotic material made from lightweight climbing palm. Conjuring fantasies of tropical beachside resorts and capturing the collective imagination as travel has become a distant memory, rattan has the ability to transport us to a warmer climate even if it’s grey or dreary wherever we are.


Sustainable and biodegradable, rattan has found itself at the core of many an aspirational boho-chic Instagram grid or Pinterest board. Light yet durable, rattan lends itself well to both indoor and outdoor use, offering a quirky contemporary edge, and perpetual summertime vibes to any home. Whether in the form of a statement peacock chair, a stylish bed frame, or a breezy woven lampshade - rattan is here to stay.

Bring the Outdoors In

What better way to bring the natural world into your home than to fill it with plants! Versatile and vibrant, a touch of flora can instantly breathe life into your home.


Whether you opt for more decorative cuttings of pampas grass or eucalyptus for their soft shapes and textures, a more loud and lively Monstera, or a spiky cactus - nature can look different depending on the aesthetic of your space. Best of all? On top of adding colour and variety, some plants are great for purifying and improving air quality, a benefit that certainly shouldn’t be underestimated. The best air purifying indoor plants are Spider Plant, Snake Plant, Aloe Vera, Dragon Tree, and English ivy, amongst others.

If you’re not particularly green fingered, opting for succulents and easy-to-care-for plants is probably your best bet. Be sure to keep your plants in frequently used areas so they don’t get forgotten!

A Room With a View

Are you lucky enough to have a beautiful view to gaze out upon from your bedroom? Whether urban or rural, having a picturesque view to look out on from the comfort of your home can be one of the greatest pleasures.

If the view from your window leaves something to be desired, don’t worry about it! This is where a little creativity can go a long way. Studies have shown that just looking at natural landscapes and scenes through photos and art can positively influence our moods. So, get hunting for some beautiful and inspiring scenic prints, posters, and artwork to adorn the walls and transport you to your ideal natural paradise. Fancy going a step further? Go big with a nature-inspired mural or wallpaper to completely immerse your room in the wild, and create an eye-catching focal point.


The Nature of Your Space

All of these ideas entirely depend on the nature of the space you inhabit, providing a starting point for you to branch off and discover which natural elements might work best for your bedroom and home. For every natural element you include, be intentional and mindful of what is being brought to the space, both functionally and stylistically. From the very big, to the smaller details, enjoy the process of bringing a little bit of nature into your home.