Twin Birth Announcements

Sharing the news of your twins' arrival is an exciting and joyous moment, and what better way to do it than with a beautiful birth announcement?

Sharing the news of your twins' arrival is an exciting and joyous moment, and what better way to do it than with a beautiful birth announcement?

Your twins will grow up fast, and having these birth announcements, both physical and online, will be a precious reminder of their arrival earthside.

We've compiled a list of our favourite birth announcement caption ideas to help convey the joy and love you're feeling for your new arrivals and your new family.

Twin Boy Birth Announcements


Announcing the birth of your identical twin boys is an opportunity for some creativity and fun.

Here are our top ideas for twin boy birth announcements:

1. Our Little Wonders

Announcing your little wonders to the world is as simple as posting a picture of them swaddled in the hospital crib.

Accompany the photograph with a caption that reads: ‘Welcome to the world, [Baby A] and [Baby B]! Our hearts are twice as full.’

2. Two Peas in a Pod

If you already know that your twin sons are going to be a bundle of mischief and fun, making this part of your birth announcement can be a fun way to set the tone for their adventures together as they grow.

You can purchase some cute stuffed pea pods to make an adorable photo.

Accompany your announcement photo with a caption like ‘Already partners in crime, meet our adorable twin boys, [Baby A] and [Baby B].’

3. Double the Fun

Having multiples is a fun and exciting experience that presents different challenges than having a single birth.

Play up to this additional fun with your announcement caption. Write something along the lines of: ‘The adventure begins! Say hello to our twin boys, [Baby A] and [Baby B].’


4. Double Trouble

Of course, double the fun means double the trouble, especially if you're anticipating your twin boys growing up as thick as thieves.

Embrace the exciting chaos in your future with a caption such as: ‘Proudly introducing [Baby A] and [Baby B], our twin troublemakers who have stolen our hearts.’

5. Two Tiny Miracles

There's a lot of work involved in getting your twins earthside, and acknowledging the miracle of childbirth can be a wonderfully touching way to introduce your new bundles of joy to your family.

Your announcement could read, ‘Our family has grown by four little feet! Welcome our tiny miracles, [Baby A] and [Baby B].’

6. A Dynamic Duo

There's no denying that twins have a special bond that transcends regular siblings.

Acknowledging this special relationship in your birth announcement is a great way to start nurturing their connection.

Caption your announcement photo with something like: ‘[Parent Names] are excited to share the arrival of their dynamic duo, [Baby A] and [Baby B].’

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Twin Girl Birth Announcements


Having identical twin baby girls is a different kettle of fish altogether.

Here are some of our favourite birth announcements to honour the love and fun that these little princesses have brought into your life:

1. Our Little Princesses

There's no denying that having a pair of little girls is like having two brand-new princesses in your life. You can dress your little ones up in princess-themed outfits for the perfect announcement photo.

Acknowledge the special presence in your life with this adorable announcement caption: ‘Welcome our beautiful twin girls, [Baby A] and [Baby B]! Double the sweetness!’

2. Sugar & Spice

We all know the classic rhyme that little girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice.

For a beautifully composed photo, you can find some sweet treats and spices like star anise to surround your new twins.

Announce the birth of your little girls with a nod to this rhyme by captioning your sweet photo with ‘Twice the sugar, twice the spice! Meet our twin girls, [Baby A] and [Baby B].’

3. Two Little Stars

Acknowledging our place in the universe is a wonderful way to announce the birth of your twin girls and give them a cosmic connection to the universe.

Make a cute birth announcement with the caption: ‘The night sky has two new shining stars. Introducing [Baby A] and [Baby B], our twin girls.’


4. Two-of-a-Kind

The beauty of having twins is that your family grows by twice the love overnight.

You can pay tribute to this doubling of the love in your household by announcing your two-of-a-kind baby girls with the caption: ‘Perfectly paired, our twin girls [Baby A] and [Baby B] have joined the world.’

5. Our Heartfelt Duo

Having twins is the perfect way to fill your home with love and create a bond like no other.

Dress your little ones in heart-themed outfits for this adorable announcement photo.

Showcase this special change in dynamic in your birth announcement photo with the caption: ‘Our hearts are fuller with the arrival of [Baby A] and [Baby B], our twin girls.’

Fraternal Twin Babies Birth Announcements


Fraternal twins are a different challenge altogether, with different looks and personalities shining through.

Here are some fun fraternal twin birth announcement ideas to help you spread the news:

1. Double the Joy

There's no denying that the miracle of twins brings double the joy to one's life and home.

Acknowledging this in your birth announcement is a lovely way to set the tone for raising your children.

Write a caption such as: ‘Announcing the arrival of our twins, [Baby A] and [Baby B]. Twice the love and joy!’

2. Two Unique Souls

Twins often face the struggle of being treated as one person rather than two individuals.

You can set a precedent from the start that you're going to raise your two miracles as their own people with your birth announcement.

Dress your littles in different outfits, then to set the tone, use a caption like: ‘Say hello to [Baby A] and [Baby B], our fraternal twins who bring their own special magic to our family.’

3. Twice as Blessed

Celebrating the fact that you now have two new babies in your life is a wonderful way to announce their birth.

For a beautiful tribute to your little ones, caption your photograph with ‘Our hearts are twice as blessed with [Baby A] and [Baby B], our delightful fraternal twins.’

4. Diverse Duo

Another great way to celebrate the differences between your fraternal twins is to acknowledge their diversity.

Again, dressing them in different outfits is a great way to do this.

Simply caption your announcement photo with ‘Meet [Baby A] and [Baby B], the perfect blend of individuality and harmony.’

5. Matching Smiles

Waiting a little while to announce your bundles of joy allows you to capture their unique and infectious smiles.

This is a wonderful way to capture the developing personalities of your little ones.

Try using a caption like ‘Double the grins, half the sleep! Introducing our wonderful fraternal twins, [Baby A] and [Baby B].’

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Our Top Tips for a Stress-Free Birth Announcement


Announcing the birth of your little ones can be a surprising source of stress if it's not handled correctly or if you've had a difficult pregnancy or birth.

Here are our top tips to help ensure mums and babies have the most stress-free post-birth experience possible:

1. It's Okay to Wait a While

Taking your time to announce your twins' birth is perfectly fine. Prioritising your rest and recovery and ensuring your babies are well-settled is crucial.

It's completely acceptable to wait a few days, or even weeks, to adjust to your new life before sharing your joyous news with the world.

Remember, your well-being and that of your twins should always come first.

2. Provide Only the Information You Want

It's perfectly fine to share only the information you're comfortable with about your twins and your birthing experience.

This approach helps maintain your privacy and ensures you're not overwhelmed by curiosity or unsolicited advice from others.

Sharing selectively allows you to control the narrative and keep the focus on what truly matters – your family's happiness and well-being.

It's also okay to share different amounts of information with different people as you feel comfortable.

3. You Don't Have to Share Newborn Photos

You are not obligated to share photos of your newborn or yourself immediately after birth if you don't feel comfortable.

Choosing to wait and take announcement photos when you and the twin babies have been cleaned up is perfectly fine and doesn't diminish the memories you have of meeting your little ones for the first time.

4. You Don't Have to Respond to Everyone's Congratulations

It's okay not to respond to every message of congratulations. Your priority should be resting and bonding with your new twins.

People will understand that you’re busy adjusting to this new chapter in your life. You can always respond later when you feel more settled.

Final Thoughts: Making Your Multiples Announcement Personal to You

The most important aspect of announcing the birth of your twins is that it reflects your own personal style and feelings.

Whether you opt for a whimsical approach or a heartfelt one, ensure that your announcement captures the unique joy and love you feel for your new arrivals.

This special moment is yours to celebrate in your own way, making the memories all the more precious.

You can find more ideas for pregnancy and birth announcements in The Little Green Sheep Journal!


A birth announcement generally includes the baby’s name, birth date, birth weight, and a joyful message. Customise it with a personal touch, such as a sweet caption or family photo, to reflect the happiness of welcoming your new bundle of joy.

Traditionally, the announcement of a new baby would have been made via phone call, mailed announcement, or word of mouth. With social media, it's much more common to announce the news to friends and family online in one go.

The etiquette for birth announcements involves sharing key details of the baby and the birth and expressing joy. Send announcements within a few weeks of birth, and remember it's perfectly acceptable to choose what information and photos to share based on your comfort level.

No, you don’t have to make an announcement for the birth of your baby. It's a personal choice, and your priority should be your family's well-being and comfort. Share your news only if and when you feel ready.