How does it work? 

Simply flip the mattress over depending on whether or not you want medium or medium firm support.

Warranty: 5 Year Guarantee 

Mattress Depth: 22cm


Mattress cover
Top & Bottom: Herringbone fabric quilted with 1000 gr. organic wool. 
Sides: Herringbone fabric quilted with 500 g of wool.

Mattress Internals
Medium Side: FR latex 3 cm, Coir 1cm
Mattress Centre/ Core: Natural Pocket 11 cm
Medium/ Firm Side: Coir 2cm, FR latex 3 cm

100 Day Trial - Terms and Conditions Apply
Do I need to do anything before my mattress arrives?

To avoid any delays to sleeping the natural way, you will need to check that you can fit your new mattress in your home. To do this you will need to measurer any door frames, hallways, and stairs en route to the room you wish the mattress to be placed in.
Why is this so important? Our mattresses are full of natural materials, making them quite heavy to lift. Additionally, we advise against bending or folding your mattress, as this could damage its internal support system.
What dimensions should I be checking? You will need to check the full dimensions of your mattress, these can be found on the mattress product pages.
If you are concerned your new mattress won't fit, please contact our customer service team and they will be able to advise you on the best next steps.

What happens if my mattress doesnt fit in my home on day of delivery?

You may incur charges when reselecting your mattress, as well as delivery/return courier charges.

What Should I Do If I Think There’s A Problem With My Mattress On Delivery?

If you notice that your mattress is clearly incorrect upon arrival, then please refuse delivery (e.g the wrong size, quantity etc). If you only notice issues after accepting the delivery, please contact our customer service team.

Should I Use A Mattress Protector?

Our mattresses are designed to be water resistant, not waterproof. With this in mind, to prevent any damage to your mattress, we recommend using a 100% waterproof protector.

Can A Mattress Protector Prevent The Mattress From Airing Properly?

Where possible, we recommend only using a breathable mattress protector, or if waterproof, using it on the surface of the mattress only. This combination works well in conjunction with regularly airing your mattress when changing the bedding.

How Often Should I Turn Or Rotate My Mattress?

We recommend rotating your mattress approximately every 3 months.

Should I air my mattress regularly?

We recommend airing your mattress regularly to keep it, and the natural materials inside at their best. To do this, when changing bed sheets allow the mattress to sit bare before putting the fresh sheet on. Additionally, when using the mattress on a divan base, stand the mattress on its side so air can get to the underside of the mattress, too.

I Have Recently Received My New Mattress, But There Is A Natural Smell – Is This Normal?

Yes. The wool we use is certified as clean for mattress filling. However, some of the natural oils remain within it, and this is what often creates the natural smell described. It usually disappears within a few days, as the mattress airs after being stored and transported.

What Is The Edge Support Like?

The mattresses have an additonal border of firm coconut coir to ensure they maintain their size, shape and structure, even when weight is applied right at their edges.

I Have Recently Received My New Mattress And It Feels Firmer Than I Had Expected. Is This Normal?

Yes. After a foam mattress or older sprung mattress, it can take some time to fully adjust to a flatter, newer mattress. This usually takes 30-40 nights, and this is why we offer a 100 night trial to allow your posture and sleeping pattern to fully adjust.

How Much Does The Mattress Weigh?

"Single: 90x190cm - 29.3kg Small Double: 120x190cm - 39kg Double: 135x190cm - 43.9kg King: 150x200cm - 51.3 kg Superking: 180x200cm - 61.6 kg"

Is My Guarantee Valid If I Use The Mattress On An Old Or Different Base?

As long as the base can provide a flat surface and support the mattress effectively, then the guarantee will be honoured. If the base has caused the mattress to bend due to lack of support, we would advise changing your bed base to ensure the mattress isn't damaged through use.
Additionally, if you have a divan base please ensure that your mattress is aired regularly, as air can't circulate in the same way with divan bases as it does with a traditional, slatted bed.

Does My Mattress Come With A Guarantee?

Yes, five years against any manufacturing defects. This does not affect your statutary rights.

My Mattress Is Dipping Slightly, Why Is This?

The very top layer of the mattress (a few cm) is extremely soft and lofted. As such, it can stay compressed and create what looks like a dip in the mattress. Please be reassured that the internals providing the support are not compressed or compromised. The mattress has passed rigourous durability tests and has been shown to be exceptionally durable.

Are The Mattresses Suitable For Use In Commercial Environments Such As Hotels And Guest Houses?

No, the mattress has been tested to BS 7177 for domestic use only.

What is graphite?

A naturally occurring form of crystalline carbon, graphite is a native element that has applications across multiple industries.

Why do we use graphite in our mattresses?

Natural latex (derived from the Hevea tree) is blended with the naturally occurring mineral graphite to provide a comfy, progressive support that makes for a natural alternative to foam. When exposed to heat, the graphite in our mattresses expands and forms an intumescent layer to protect the material surface. This helps slow down the spread of fire, and counteracts the formation of toxic gases and smoke.

How to care for your mattress

Caring for your new adult mattress is just as easy as caring for our natural children’s mattresses.
To keep your mattress in perfect condition, we recommend turning the mattress from top to toe whilst being used on the required side.

It’s important to let the natural materials in your mattress breathe by airing it as often as possible, preferably when you turn or rotate your mattress.

As the cover is not removable, we recommend cleaning or blotting any spillages as soon as they occur. Gently clean with a damp sponge and mild detergent solution, allowing your mattress to air naturally away from bright sunlight. Always ensure that the mattress is completely dry before using. Please do not attempt to remove the cover or wash any of the internal fillings.

Storing your mattress

Should you ever need to store your mattress, please do so in a cool dry place with a consistent temperature, and avoid lofts, cellars or sheds.

Whilst designed to provide years of comfort and support, the Sleep Council recommends changing your mattress every seven years. With this in mind, your Little Green Sheep natural mattress has been designed to be fully recyclable.


Due to all our mattresses being handcrafted from natural materials, there can be a slight variance in dimensions. 

Safety tested to: British and European safety standards (BS EN 597 Part 1 & 2 and BS 7177: 2008+ A1: 2011)