Is the Twist mattress completely natural?

As part of our promise at the little Green Sheep, we make the utmost effort to ensure all of our products contain as many natural ingredients as possible. The Twist mattress features three layers for optimum firmness; breathable wool, coconut coir and latex. The latex layer is composed of natural latex (60%), derived from the hevea tree and synthetic latex (40%), which is infused with natural mineral graphite to provide flame retardant properties - it's this graphite that gives the layer it's grey tone. All home products for sale in the United Kingdom must meet strict requirements for fire safety, and so the necessary inclusion of these added ingredients is a preventative measure that provides a safe sleep environment for your child. All Twist mattresses feature a natural soft cotton cover.

What is graphite?

A naturally occurring form of crystalline carbon, graphite is a native element that has applications across multiple industries.

Why do we use graphite in our mattresses?

Natural latex (derived from the Hevea tree) is blended with the naturally occurring mineral graphite to provide a comfy, progressive support that makes for a natural alternative to foam. When exposed to heat, the graphite in our mattresses expands and forms an intumescent layer to protect the material surface. This helps slow down the spread of fire, and counteracts the formation of toxic gases and smoke.

  • Size: 69x139x10
  • Passes BS 7177 and BS 16890
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Mattress Protector recommended
  • Product weight: 9kg
  • waterproof mattress protector is required - We recommend using our breathable 100% waterproof mattress protector to keep your mattress in the best possible condition, protecting your mattress from accidents and spillages.
  • Non-removable outer cover, sponge clean only. If the mattress and bed frame are sponge cleaned, you MUST ensure they have been allowed to air dry fully before use.
  • Our mattresses are not suitable for use with a sensor pad or sleep aids.