13 Ways to Announce Your 4th Pregnancy

Finding out you're pregnant again is always an exciting time. But the fourth time around, you might be struggling to think of ways to announce your 4th pregnancy. Luckily, we’ve got some ideas for you to take inspiration from!

Whether it's your first, second, or even fourth pregnancy, the anticipation of welcoming a new addition to the family is always something to celebrate.

What better way to share the news with your loved ones than with a creative and unique pregnancy announcement that embraces the number 4?

While there are countless ideas for announcing your pregnancy, embracing symmetry in your announcement can add an extra special touch. We’ve come up with 13 creative ways to announce your 4th pregnancy that will have everyone excited for baby number four!

13 Ways to Announce Your 4th Pregnancy

Social Media Pregnancy Announcements

1. The four seasons family photos
2. Countdown with siblings 3. Puzzle pieces coming together
4. The balancing act
5. Echoing footprints

Winter Family Pregnancy Announcement Photos

6. Snowy number formation
7. Coordinated winter wear
8. Snow angels

Cute Pregnancy Announcements for Baby Number 4

9. Building our squad
10. A sweet addition
11. Coming soon movie poster
12. Ready for a replay
13. Balloons of joy


Social Media Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Social media is a great way to announce your pregnancy to all your friends and family at once without having to keep repeating the same conversation over and over.

By incorporating these symmetry-focused ideas into your 4th pregnancy announcement, you’re sure to create a memorable and heartwarming reveal that will be cherished by friends, family, and followers alike.

#1 The Four Seasons Family Photo

Capture your family in a series of four pictures, each representing a different season. Use props and settings to symbolise spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Caption it with something like, "Our family is growing through all seasons. Baby #4 due this [season]!"

#2 Countdown With Siblings

Post a photo carousel or a short video of your three children holding numbers 1, 2, and 3, respectively, and then reveal an empty space or a sign with the number 4 announcing the new addition.

Use captions that play on the theme of progression and growth, such as "Adding another to our symphony, child #4 on the way!"

Read our guide to breaking the pregnancy news to your other children & prepare them for becoming siblings

#3 Puzzle Pieces Coming Together

Share an image of a 4-piece puzzle, each piece represented by one of your children, and the last piece signifying the new baby. Caption it, “Our family puzzle is almost complete!


#4 The Balancing Act

Have each family member, including yourself, balance something representing each child – for the new baby, it could be an ultrasound picture or a baby onesie.

Arrange the photo so each person is incrementally taller or in a sequence that leads to the smallest (or where the new baby would be), symbolising the balance and symmetry in growing into a family of six.

#5 Echoing Footprints

Post a picture of your family's feet or shoes in a row from largest to smallest, with an extra pair of baby shoes at the end. Add a caption like "Stepping into a new adventure with baby #4!"


Winter Family Pregnancy Announcement Photos

Winter offers a magical backdrop for family photos, especially when announcing your 4th pregnancy. Here are some enchanting ideas for winter family pregnancy announcement photos that celebrate the season and your growing family:

#6 Snowy Number Formation

Create a fun family photo where each family member makes the shape of a number in the snow, leading up to 4. Dress in bright, contrasting colours against the white snow to make each number stand out. The symmetry of the numbers will beautifully symbolise the progression of your growing family.

#7 Coordinated Winter Wear

Dress your family in matching winter outfits – think coordinated colours and patterns.

Align your family in a straight line, from tallest to shortest, in an open snowy field. Hold a matching baby grow or baby outfit at the end to represent the new baby.


#8 Snow Angels

Bundle up your family for some fun in the snow, and create a line of snow angels – three regular-sized ones and one smaller one at the end to represent the new baby. Capture an aerial shot to highlight the symmetry of the four angels.

These winter-themed ideas not only make for beautiful photos but also add an extra layer of joy and seasonality to your 4th pregnancy announcement.

Cute Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Baby Number 4

Even though you've done this three times already, there's no reason why your 4th baby pregnancy announcement can't be just as cute as the others were. Here are some of our most adorable pregnancy announcements for baby number 4.

#9 Building Our Squad

Take a playful photo of your family in sports jerseys or team outfits, with each jersey number increasing sequentially and ending with a tiny jersey for baby number 4. Caption it, “Team [Last Name] drafting new player, arriving [Due Date]!

#10 A Sweet Addition

Post a picture of your family enjoying your favourite treat, be it cookies or ice cream, with one extra treat in the photo and a caption saying, “Adding a little more sweetness to our family, baby #4 on the way!

#11 Coming Soon Movie Poster

Create a “movie poster” featuring your family, with each member taking on a role (e.g., ‘The Protective Big Brother,’ ‘The Caring Big Sister’). Add a section “Starring Baby #4 as "The New Adventure” with the due date as the “release date.”

#12 Ready for a Replay

Gather all the baby shoes from your previous children and line them up in order of age. Add a new, tiny pair at the end with a note saying, “Because every good thing deserves a replay. Baby #4, joining the lineup in [Due Date].”

#13 Balloons of Joy

Take a family photo with each member holding a balloon, and add one extra balloon in the photo with “#4” written on it. Use a caption like, “Our hearts and our family are expanding by one more. Floating with joy for baby #4!

Tips to Help Your Children Embrace a 4th Child

Adding a 4th child to your family might seem like an easy process, after all, what's one more? But even though two of your children have become a big sibling before, adding a new baby always changes the dynamics of your family.

Here are some tips to help you guide your children to embrace a 3rd sibling.

  • Involve older children in preparations to welcome the fourth child, such as choosing nursery decorations or selecting a gift for the baby, like a baby sleeping bag or baby blanket.
  • Foster anticipation and excitement by sharing pregnancy updates in an age-appropriate way.
  • Encourage open conversations about their feelings and concerns regarding the new sibling, reassuring their unique place in the family.
  • Establish small responsibilities related to the baby to help them feel involved and important.
  • Carve out one-on-one time with each child, reinforcing that your love and attention do not diminish with the arrival of a new family member.

Navigate Your 4th Pregnancy With The Little Green Sheep

Welcoming baby number 4 is an adventure that is as unique as it is joyful. By incorporating any of these creative announcement ideas, you can share your happiness in a way that symbolises the harmony and love that grows within your family.

To get more pregnancy announcement advice and learn how to navigate life with another new bundle of joy, check out our posts on our Journal.


Every pregnancy is unique, and experiences vary widely among individuals. While some may find their 4th pregnancy easier due to prior experience, others might encounter new challenges. Factors such as age, health, and family dynamics play significant roles in shaping the pregnancy experience.

Larger families can experience enriched joy and camaraderie but also face more logistical and financial challenges. Ultimately, if you want to have 4 (or more!) children, then they're going to bring joy to your life.

Balancing attention involves open communication and inclusivity. Share pregnancy news in a family meeting, ensuring each child feels heard and valued. Allocate special one-on-one time with each, reinforcing their importance while fostering excitement about the new sibling.

Preparing your third child for another sibling involves open discussions about the new baby, involving them in preparations, and reassuring them of their valuable role in the family.

It's key to nurture their excitement and address any concerns with empathy and understanding. They've only known their role as being the baby of the family, so let them know they're not being replaced.