Third Time's a Charm: Creative Ideas for Announcing Pregnancy Number 3

If you've discovered you're pregnant with baby number three, you're probably wondering how you can top your previous announcements to make this one just as memorable.

Third time around, you might consider yourself a bit of an expert at pregnancy announcements. You've likely already done the classic social media post, sent out cute cards, or made a creative video. But now, with your third baby on the way, it's time to think outside the box and find new ways to share your exciting news.

We’ve rounded up 10 of our favourite ways to announce pregnancy number 3 to help give you some inspiration.

Using Balloons to Reveal the News

Balloon pregnancy announcements are classic, and they’ll never get old! There are tons of ways you can use balloons to announce your third baby, and it’s a pretty easy and affordable option.

Some of our favourite ideas include…

1) Number Balloons

To keep things simple and fun, get 3 balloons shaped like the numbers 1, 2, and 3. Have your oldest child hold onto the number 1 balloon, give your second child the number 2 balloon, and then attach your ultrasound scan to the ribbon of the number 3 balloon.

Take a photo of your children holding the balloons, looking excited for the arrival of their third musketeer.

2) Balloon Popping Video

To make things a little more dynamic and truly capture your family's excitement, you can use the same balloons as above for this announcement or just use normal balloons (we recommend this option if you want to do multiple takes!).

Have your little ones each hold a balloon in front of them (not too close to their faces), and video them as the balloon pops to reveal them. Do this for both of your children, then place a balloon in front of your scan pictures or your belly and video the balloon being popped to reveal the news.


Sharing Your Children's Promotion to Big Siblings

Getting a promotion is always an exciting time, especially when your children are about to become big siblings! And what better way to announce your pregnancy than announcing your other children's promotions to your family?

Read our best advice on how to share your pregnancy news with your child

Here are some ideas for sharing your children's sibling promotion:

3) Middle Child T-Shirts

We all know the jokes about middle children being the wildest of the bunch, so play into that for your announcement.

Have your middle child wear a t-shirt that acknowledges they're why the rules exist.

Your oldest's t-shirt should show that they make the rules, and the youngest should acknowledge they're exempt from the rules.

This not only announces the new baby but also celebrates your middle child's promotion to big sibling status.

4) Only Child to Oldest T-Shirts

This idea is a fun photo op that also acknowledges the upcoming promotion for your only child.

Have the oldest wear a shirt that says "Only Child" crossed out with "Oldest" written underneath.

Your now middle child should wear a shirt that says "Youngest" crossed out with "Middle" underneath.

You can even add a new onesie that says "Youngest" to make the news clearer.


Break Out the Hand-Me-Downs

Savvy parents keep their older children's clothes to use as hand-me-downs instead of buying new ones for each baby. Not only is this an eco-friendly and cost-effective habit, but it also makes for some great pregnancy announcements!

5) Sharing Old Baby Photos

We don't need much of an excuse to get out the old baby photos of our children, and this can be the perfect opportunity! Take a look through your photo albums and find some of the cutest or most amusing pictures of your little ones when they were tiny.

Post the photos online with a caption that talks about having to dig out these old baby grows and baby sleeping bags again. This subtle hint is the ideal way to casually announce your news to your wider friends and family.

6) Picturing Your Older Kids in Too-Big T-Shirts

Showing your children in their new hand-me-down clothes can be a fun way to announce your exciting news. Give your oldest child one of your or your partner's t-shirts to wear, then give one of their t-shirts to your younger child.

Place one of your younger kid's t-shirts next to them with your ultrasound scan pictures on top to keep the tradition of reusing your children's clothes going.

Play Up Sibling Rivalry

Rivalries are part and parcel of being a sibling, albeit friendly ones! They're a great way to build character and personality and forge a strong bond between your children. You can focus on this aspect of having multiple children for your pregnancy announcement.

7) The Tie Breaker Sibling

This is the ideal 3rd pregnancy announcement if you already have one boy and one girl.

Have your children hold up score signs that say "boys - 1" and "girls - 1". Then place a sign between them that states their sibling tie-breaker will be arriving in the month you're due to give birth.

This announcement can also be a fun way to get your kids excited about their new sibling by getting them to think about whose team they'll be on.

8) Waiting for a New Player

If you have children who are into playing video games or team sports, incorporate this into your announcement. Picture your children playing video games or their favourite sport. Have a sign in the frame that says something like "waiting for player number 3".

This is a fun way to announce your third child while focusing on your other children's interests to make them feel included in the surprise.


Focus on Your House Full of Love

With a whole new person joining your household, your home is going to feel even more full of love, life, and laughter than it already is. This can be a great angle to focus your pregnancy announcement on. Here are some great ideas we found for this type of announcement.

9) The Crowded Sofa Shot

This is one of our favourite announcements on this list because it focuses on your family as a whole.

Take a picture of you, your partner, and your children all squished onto one sofa. The less room, the better! Make sure your bump is the central focus of the photo, with your family chilling out around you. This idea works best if everyone is doing their own thing rather than focusing on the camera.

Caption the photo with the phrase "What's one more?" to subtly announce your news and show that there's always room for more love in your house.

10) Pairs of Shoes Photo

This idea is similar to the one above, but it doesn't involve wrangling your children and partner to take a group photo when they've got busy schedules.

Simply take a photo of all your family's shoes piled up in your hallway to show how many people there are in your house. You can even add a tiny pair of baby shoes to the pile as a subtle nod to your impending arrival. The same caption of "What's one more?" works just as well on this picture!

Parenting Tips: How to Explain It to Your Youngest

Explaining the arrival of a new baby sibling to your youngest child can be a heartwarming and pivotal moment.

Your oldest would have already been through this before and may have their feet a bit more firmly planted on the ground. But for your youngest, this may be their first time experiencing such a big change in their family dynamic.

Here’s how you can make the transition smoother for your youngest:

  • Use a storybook: Find a charming book aimed at children that talks about becoming an older sibling. This can help visualise the changes in a way that's relatable to them.
  • Show your child baby photos: Bring out the family albums and show your youngest photos of when they were a baby, and explain that they were once in mummy's tummy too, just like the new baby will be.
  • Involve them in preparations: Whether it's in choosing a name, decorating the nursery, or picking out clothes for their new sibling, involving your youngest in the preparations can create a sense of anticipation and excitement.
  • Regular dialogue: Maintain an ongoing conversation about the new baby. Consistency helps your youngest to digest the information over time, and it becomes part of the family narrative.
  • Reassure their importance: Ensure your youngest knows that they will have a unique and irreplaceable role as an older sibling and that your love for them will not diminish.

Summary: How to Make Your Third Baby Announcements Special

Every baby announcement is special and unique to your family. It's the first step in making this new chapter real, especially for your children, so including them is the perfect way to solidify your expanding family unit and continue the close bond you have with each other.

Over on our blog, we have lots more pregnancy and parenting tips, so be sure to check those out as well!


Typically, women may show sooner during a third pregnancy due to prior stretching of abdominal muscles. However, this can vary widely based on individual circumstances. Always consult your doctor if you're concerned about your growth rate.

Deciding to have a third child is a personal choice that depends on various factors, including financial readiness, existing family dynamics, and parental capacity. If these align and you feel emotionally and logistically prepared, baby number 3 can be a wonderful addition to your family.

Many parents find a third pregnancy more physically demanding due to the added responsibilities of caring for two children and bodily changes occurring earlier. However, every pregnancy is unique, and some may find previous experience helpful. It's important to consult healthcare professionals with any concerns.

Having three children often means greater sibling interactions, opportunities for learning empathy and social skills, and a bustling family dynamic that is rich in diversity of character and experience. It can also provide a built-in support system for each child as they grow.