Preparing Your Wicker Moses Basket For Your Baby's Arrival

There's nothing more exciting than preparing for your baby's arrival! From buying all their little outfits to getting the nursery ready, you want everything to be perfect for when they arrive. One piece that parents often cite as an essential is the Moses Basket, and our grey wicker Moses basket is a parent (and baby!) favourite!

We know it feels like you've got a million and one things to think about before your baby arrives so, to help you out, our baby sleep experts at The Little Green Sheep have put together this handy checklist for prepping a cost sleep spot with our grey wicker Moses basket.

Making sure you have the best Moses basket dressings and accessories is key to helping your baby settle into their new life with you and feel as comfy as possible.

Moses Basket Mattress

First things first, you need to make sure you've got a comfortable mattress for Moses basket so that your baby has somewhere supportive and comfortable to sleep on.

The perfect Moses mattress will be firm enough to support your newborn's growing body, while also being soft and breathable to make sure they have a good night's sleep and the surface isn't too hard.

Our organic grey wicker Moses baskets are free from chemicals and naturally hypoallergenic – so not only will your baby be comfortable, they’ll be completely safe.

If you choose to purchase a grey wicker Moses basket from The Little Green Sheep, an organic mattress is included, so you don't have to worry about buying one separately – saving you time and money (both of which are precious when you've got a newborn!)

However, we'd recommend always having a spare of everything on hand for when it comes to those inevitable spills and messes. You can never be too prepared!


Moses Basket Baby Bedding

If matching everything in your baby’s nursery is important to you you'll want Moses basket bedding that matches your Moses basket, furniture and other soft furnishings.

It's super important for any baby bedding to be fully breathable and lightweight so that your little one doesn't get too hot while they're sleeping.

The current guidelines from the NHS state that "a normal temperature in babies and children is around 36.4°C", so you want to make sure that your Moses basket bedding doesn't cause them to overheat.

Making sure that your baby is comfy is the number one priority here, but who says you can't have style, too?

Fitted Sheets

Our unique range of baby bedding is designed to pair perfectly with our grey wicker Moses baskets. The Dove, Dove Grey and Dove Rice Moses basket colours all have a matching mattress cover so you can create a complete look.

The Moses basket sheets in our range are made with a luxurious blend of organic linen and cotton, making them breathable and comfortable for your baby.

Baby Blankets

In addition to sheets and mattress protectors, it’s also important to buy a good quality baby blanket that your little one can be tucked up in.

Much like fitted sheets, your baby's blanket should be breathable and lightweight to make sure that they don't get too hot while they're sleeping.

We strongly urge parents not to leave any loose sheets or blankets in their baby's Moses basket, as these can be a potential suffocation hazard. Always firmly tuck in any bedding that you use and make sure it's away from their face.

To match your grey wicker Moses basket, we have a range of super soft baby blankets that are the perfect size to snuggle your baby in.

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Organic Baby Blanket

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Natural Baby Bed Sheets

From £14.95

Baby Sleeping Bag

Baby sleeping bags are a fantastic alternative to bundling up your baby in bedding and padded quilt sheets that could cause them to overheat during the night.

Our sleeping bags are available in either 1-tog or 2.5-tog. The 1-tog sleeping bags are perfect for warmer months, while the 2.5-tog is suitable for colder months and winter nights when you need to layer up a bit more, ensuring baby's body keeping at a regulated temperature.

The underarm poppers mean that you can adjust the sleeping bag to fit the size of your baby perfect, and the zip fastening makes it super easy to get your little one in and out of their sleeping bag quickly for changes.

They really are a must-have for any newborn baby's wardrobe! If you’re still unsure, read our baby sleeping bag buying guide.

Moses Basket Liners

Moses basket liners provide a soft layer of protection between your baby and the Moses basket itself, making them an essential for any parent.

Your grey wicker Moses basket will come with a liner already fitted, but we know that parents like to switch up the look of their Moses baskets every now and then. Plus, it's always good to have a spare.

Our quilted Moses basket liners provide a padded quilt surrounding to protect your baby's skin and further add to their comfort. Alternatively, our knitted Moses basket liners provide the same level of comfort and protection, but with a more traditional Moses basket style.

Both options are available in colours to match your grey wicker Moses basket, too.

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Baby Sleeping Bags

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Moses Basket Liners

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Wicker Moses Basket Stands

Last on our checklist is a Moses basket stand, and it's an important one.

Having a Moses basket stand is essential for keeping your baby at the perfect height when they're in their Moses basket, as well as making sure that it's stable and secure while they sleep.

Traditional Moses Basket Stands

Our grey wicker Moses baskets come with an adjustable, foldable stand to ensure comfort and safety for your baby, and make for easy storage when not in use.

The wooden retaining bars mean that your baby's wicker basket is held securely in place, giving you the utmost confidence that your baby is safe when they're in their Moses basket.

Moses Basket with Rocking Stand

Many babies are soothed by a gentle rocking motion, which is why we also have a rocking Moses basket stand available.

The three sturdy wooden rockers are perfect for providing your baby with a gentle swaying motion as they sleep.


Why Parents (and Babies) Love Our Grey Wicker Moses Basket

Time and time again, parents are always telling us why they love our grey wicker Moses basket.

Our baby sleep experts at The Little Green Sheep have carefully designed and created every aspect of our wicker Moses baskets with your baby's sleep in mind. From the stylish dimple bedding and Moses basket dressings to the structure of the basket itself, we've created the safest and most comfortable sleep environment for your baby.

Many parents find themselves choosing a Moses basket over a bedside crib for their newborn because it's a more traditional way to put your baby down for a nap, and they love that they can move the basket around with ease.

Some even find that opting for both a wicker Moses basket and a crib or cot is the perfect sleep solution for their baby.

Aside from that, our grey wicker Moses basket fits nicely into just about any nursery style and decor thanks to its neutral colour. (if you're in need of some nursery inspiration, a rustic nursery style is ideal for the grey wicker Moses basket, but you can mix and match to your heart's content).

Prepare For Your Baby's Arrival With The Little Green Sheep!

Making sure you have everything on this checklist for your grey wicker Moses basket will help to ensure a peaceful and restful sleep environment for your newborn.

You can shop our collection of Grey Moses Baskets here at The Little Green Sheep and prepare for your little one's arrival.


Yes, our range of wicker Moses baskets at The Little Green Sheep are completely safe and suitable for keeping your baby comfortable and secure while they sleep. All of our Moses baskets adhere to the latest UK safety regulations.

We always recommend moving your baby out of their Moses basket by the time they are 6 months old, or when they can sit unaided. You'll then want to move them to a crib or a cot, so they have the room they need to move about comfortably.

Ultimately, this choice comes down to personal preference and what works for you and your baby. Many parents love being able to move their baby's Moses basket around the home, and prefer it to a bedside crib. However, some find that using both a Moses basket and a crib is the best solution, giving them the benefits of both.