How to Style a White Nursery

So, you’ve opted for the classic white nursery. Perhaps you’re drawn to the traditional elegance of it, or maybe you’re keeping things deliberately gender-neutral for want of knowing whether you’ll be welcoming a little he or a little she into the world. Whatever it is, you’re drawn to the aesthetic of snow-white nurseries and playrooms.

Need some style inspiration? We’ve got you! Read on for 7 tips for styling your little one’s precious white nursery.

Go Green

Bring your nursery to life by injecting a bit of greenery. Whether real or fake, the addition of plants and foliage will give your little one’s room a natural and contemporary edge.


Plants have been known to work well as subliminal mood-boosters, and can have a calming effect when used in the home, as well as improving air quality if you do opt for real greens. They’ll especially pop against a white or pale backdrop. Be sure to keep out of your little one’s reach for safety.

Play with Texture

Add a touch of boho-inspired décor. Dreamcatchers, macramé, juxtaposed with cosy soft sheepskin alongside a rustic yet delicately woven palm Moses basket. Think wicker, think natural wood textures and rugged yet modern woven rugs. Imagine the joy your little one will feel seeing and touching all these different surfaces and textures, the new sensations they’ll provide.

Make a Statement

Make a statement with a feature wall. Now hear us out – it doesn’t have to be one of those bold, loud and proud wallpapers if that’s not your style. Something as simple as soft polka dots, line art, geometric patterns, botanicals, or even hand-drawn murals featuring cute animal motifs can work beautifully. Go for black for a more graphic look, or soft, muted neutrals as a substitute for brighter colours.


Complementary Colours

Speaking of colour, adding subtle colour accents to complement your white nursery theme can draw the eye to certain focal points in the room. Whether that’s around the crib, or with a decorative rug or blanket. 

Keep it Natural

Warm things up with natural wooden accents. Whether through your nursery furniture or accessories, wooden furniture and textures can add depth and sophistication to a neutral space, grounding it and making it homely and inviting.

Cosy it Up!

Keep things cosy and classic with our beautiful NEW White Knit range! The perfect companion pieces to complete your celestial white nursery, our beautiful White Knit Moses Basket and matching blankets will bring sophistication and timeless elegance that is sure to finish off your baby’s beautiful space.

Make it Personal 

Don’t forget to add personal touches. Maternity photos, baby scans, or even toys you or your partner had as kids that you still love and cherish. Most of all, make it yours!