100% Organic Moses Basket Bedding Your Little One Will Love!

You've chosen your Moses basket; now, it's time to make it as cosy as possible for your baby! Dressing your baby's basket with organic bedding is the perfect way to ensure your little one is surrounded by natural, breathable materials. Not only will Moses basket bedding provide a comfortable place for your baby to sleep, but it will also add a decorative touch to the nursery. It's important to know what essential pieces of Moses basket bedding you need, and how to choose the most comfortable and safe bedding for your little one. It might be more important than you think.


Why Organic Moses Basket Bedding?

There are some fabrics and materials we should keep clear of when it comes to our baby's bedding. Organic materials are the safest option as they are usually free from chemicals, synthetic fibres and dyes – all of which can irritate or aggravate a baby's delicate skin.

Organic Moses basket bedding will also be made with natural materials like cotton, bamboo, wool and hemp, which are well-known for their breathable, temperature-regulating qualities.

Not only will this keep your baby at a comfortable temperature during the night, but it also minimises the risk of overheating and reduces the chance of allergies. Plus, organic bedding can be washed over and over again without fading or losing its shape.

At The Little Green Sheep, our Moses baskets and Moses basket bedding are made with organic materials. We take pride in providing a range of natural bedding to keep your baby safe and comfortable when sleeping.

So, what Moses basket bedding do you need for your baby's Moses basket?

Moses Basket Liners

Moses baskets that are made from natural materials, like wicker, need a liner to protect baby's skin from the wooden weave and prevent dust from collecting inside.

An organic Moses basket liner is designed for just that purpose, and it helps keep the basket looking smart too. They simply fit into the basket by covering the base and sides, with a secure fastening around the top to stop it from slipping.

Most Moses baskets made from materials like wicker should come with a liner already included. However, if your basket doesn't come with one, or you need a spare, our organic Moses basket liners are perfect for the job.

Liners that are made from natural materials like cotton and bamboo are also breathable, which is important as too much heat can be dangerous for your baby.

Moses Basket Fitted Sheets

Soft and breathable fitted sheets are a must-have for any Moses basket. They go over the top of the liner or directly onto the mattress if you have one.

It is important to ensure that your fitted sheet is the correct size for your Moses basket, as this will help to keep it secure.

A good set of fitted sheets will help to regulate your baby's temperature and keep them comfortable during sleep.

You could match your Moses basket fitted sheets to the liner for a polished look, or mix and match them for something more unique.

Our organic fitted sheets come in a range of sizes and colours, so you can rest assured that your baby's bedding is both cosy and stylish.

They are designed to fit perfectly around the mattress without being too tight, and they can simply be machine-washed when needed.


Baby Sleeping Bags

As a parent, you should know to never leave your baby sleeping in the Moses basket with loose blankets or duvets. This poses a risk of suffocation, so you should always use an approved baby sleeping bag instead.

Baby sleeping bags are designed to keep your baby secure, warm and comfortable without the risk of loose bedding. They will keep your little one snug through the night, with no need for any extra blankets or sheets.

At The Little Green Sheep, we have a choice of 1-tog or 2.5-tog organic sleeping bags for babies aged 0-6 months or 6-18 months. They are made from a unique luxury organic linen and cotton blend, which is both breathable and gentle against the baby's skin. Plus, like all our Moses basket bedding, they are also machine washable for easy care.

A baby sleeping bag is perfect for use with Moses baskets, as it will fit securely without being too tight. Plus, you can choose one to match the rest of your bedding for a coordinated look.

Baby Blankets

A cosy baby blanket is perfect for baby's who are old enough to be removed from the Moses basket. These can be used as a playmat or for extra warmth and comfort when holding your baby for cuddles on the sofa.

Our organic baby blankets, made with 100% cotton, are ultra-soft and gentle on baby's delicate skin. They come in a range of colours and styles to fit your little one's nursery perfectly. Plus, they can be thrown in the washing machine for easy care.

You can use blankets in Moses baskets if you are supervising your baby, as long as you make sure they are tucked in securely around the sides. Or, simply use them as decoration by draping them over the top of the basket or folding them up as a cushion.

Key Takeaways: Essential Moses Basket Bedding for Your Newborn

Providing your baby with a snug and safe sleeping environment is essential, and Moses basket bedding will help you to do exactly that.

You should make sure your basket comes with a secure liner for the base, fitted sheets that fit correctly around the mattress, an approved baby sleeping bag and a blanket for extra warmth when needed.

All of our Moses basket bedding is made from natural and breathable materials, so you can be sure that your little one is safe and comfortable at all times.



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What bedding do I need for a Moses basket?

You will need a secure liner for the base, fitted sheets to fit around the mattress, an approved baby sleeping bag and a blanket for extra warmth.

Do you put sheets in a Moses basket?

Yes, it is recommended to use fitted sheets that fit correctly around the mattress for safety.

Can newborns sleep in a Moses basket?

Yes, newborns can sleep in a Moses basket as long as you ensure it is properly fitted with secure bedding. They are a good choice for babies up until 6 months of age, or until they outgrow the basket.

What do you cover a baby with in a Moses basket?

It is recommended to use an approved baby sleeping bag instead of loose blankets or duvets, as these pose a risk of suffocation. Baby sleeping bags are designed to keep your baby secure, warm and comfortable.