How to Keep Your Baby Cosy This Winter

The days and nights are getting colder and even the tiniest of fingers and toes are starting to feel the chill. But fear not, follow our top tips to keep your baby warm this winter and you’ll both be feeling cosy and content in no time!

Multi-layered Comfort 

Layers are your best friend at this time of year. At bedtime, pair a sleepsuit or romper with a higher tog sleeping bag for extra comfort at bedtime. Check our handy guide below for a refresher on which tog to choose and when.


Winter accessories are a must for when you and baby are on the go. Hats are perfect for outdoor trips, as babies lose heat from their heads and a hat or hood will prevent that from happening. Mittens, warm socks, and winter booties are just some of the outdoor accessories you’ll want to have to warm up those tiny fingers and tootsies!

Remember, no matter how cute they look in headwear, avoid kitting little ones out in hats when indoors or at bedtimes, as it can disrupt your baby’s natural temperature regulation during the night, keeping them from sleeping soundly.

Go Natural

Natural materials like cotton, linen, and wool are great options to layer baby with this winter. Baby sleepsuits, blankets and sleeping bags made from these materials are super breathable and are great for temperature regulation, whether at bedtime or out and about.


Out & About

When driving around with your little one, safety is the priority. Whilst cars can get cold in the winter, they tend to warm up quickly enough with the heating on. With this in mind, be sure to remove any bulky outer layers like snowsuits, pram suits, and thick coats. This way, any straps and seatbelts will effectively keep your baby safe, without extra padding interfering. 

Whilst thick winter coats can keep your baby warm when you’re out & about, they can compromise your baby’s car seat safety. In order for the car seat to work properly, the straps need to remain tight against your baby’s chest. Winter coats can change the way the straps sit against your baby, so it’s best to avoid putting the winter coat or snowsuit on until you’re ready to leave the car.


Keeping extra layers off on car journeys will prevent your little one from overheating, and mean that when the layers come back on for any trips outside, they’ll do an even better job of keeping baby warm! If you’re at all worried your little one might still be chilly in the back seat, draping a breathable baby blanket over them once they’re all strapped in should do the trick.

Counting Sheep

Our sheepskin pram liners are a great way to keep baby snug when out and about during the winter. Luxuriously soft, our natural sheepskins are produced sustainably, and free from nasty chemicals. Pair one with a cosy blanket and you’ve got a recipe for sound, snug outdoor adventures! Evidence has shown that sheepskin is super absorbent and breathable, which helps to keep your baby comfortable, warm and snug without the risk of overheating.


Can’t get enough of sheepskin this winter? Why not fluff up your baby’s nursery with one of our beautiful sheepskin rugs? Perfect for playtime and tummy time, or even for draping over an armchair at feeding time, our amazingly soft, chemical-free sheepskin rugs make a beautiful addition to any nursery.

Double the Snug

For babies 12 months and older, you can start introducing duvets and pillows into the mix. As with blankets, natural materials are best when it comes to bedding. Our organic wool duvet is light and fluffy, while also being anti-allergy and super breathable. Thanks to the temperature regulating properties of wool, this duvet is the perfect year-round sleep companion!