The Ultimate Moses Basket Size Guide

A Moses basket has always been a popular choice amongst parents when it comes to choosing a sleeping solution for their baby.

Moses baskets are lightweight and portable and can provide your little one with a comfortable sleep environment. In all, they are a great short-term solution for newborn babies.

Of course, you will need to make sure that you choose the correct Moses basket size for your baby’s needs. With so many different sizes and shapes to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which size is best for your family.

To help you make the right choice, we have put together this Moses basket size guide.


Why Is It Important to Choose the Correct Moses Basket Size?

Imagine if you were to choose a bed for yourself that was too large or too small. You would be uncomfortable and feel confined, which will not be a pleasant sleeping experience for anyone. The same can be said about Moses baskets and the size you choose for your baby.

As a parent, making sure your newborn baby is safe and comfortable should be a priority. Therefore, it is essential that you choose the right Moses basket size.

If the Moses basket is too small, then it will result in an uncomfortable sleeping environment. Your baby won't have any room to stretch out or move, and this can lead to your baby feeling agitated.

On the other hand, if you choose a Moses basket that is too large for your baby, then it may not provide enough support or comfort for them - leading to restless nights and poor sleep for both you and your baby.

Suffocation risk can also occur if the Moses basket is too big, and your baby can get caught between gaps in the mattress.

You'll also need to bear in mind that your baby is going to grow quickly, so you'll want to make sure that the Moses basket has enough room for your baby to grow and develop.

However, we recommend only keeping your little one in a Moses basket up until they are 6 months old. After this age, you should transition them into a cot bed or crib.

Moses Basket Size Guide

When you are shopping around for Moses baskets, there will be two dimensions that you need to pay attention to: the base size and the top edge size of the Moses basket. The base size is the most important, as it will determine the amount of sleeping space that is available for your new baby.

An award-winning Moses basket from The Little Green Sheep has a base size of 75.5cm in length and 30cm in width. This is a safe size for newborns and should provide enough space for your baby to sleep comfortably.

The top edge size is 82cm x 42cm, which will provide your little one with plenty of breathing room.

Generally, most standard Moses baskets are a similar size but do make sure to check the dimensions before you buy. This size is safe for babies up to a maximum of 6 months who are no heavier than 9kg.

If your baby is heavier than this, then you will need to look for an option that is larger and more suitable for their size.

It might be a good idea to consult with the retailer or manufacturer if you are unsure about what size is best for your baby. They should be able to provide helpful advice and information on the different sizes available.

If you have any questions about our Moses baskets or any other The Little Green Sheep products, then please do get in touch with us. We are always happy to help!

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How to Know if Your Moses Basket is the Right Size

Once you have selected your Moses basket, you should check the size and make sure it is suitable for your baby. The base of the basket should not be too small or too large and should provide enough space for your baby to sleep comfortably.

When you put your little one in the Moses basket, they should be able to move around and turn easily. If they are struggling to move or if their arms and legs hang out of the sides, then this could be a sign that the basket is too small for them.

It's also important to make sure that your baby's feet don't hit the end of the Moses basket - as this may wake them up suddenly during sleep.

You should make sure that the Moses basket isn't too big for your little one. If your newborn baby looks lost or too small in the Moses basket, then it's likely that you need to get a smaller size for them.

Moses Basket Mattress Sizes

You will also need to factor in the size of the mattress when you are considering which Moses basket is right for your new baby. Most Moses baskets should come with a mattress that is nearly the same size as the base of the basket, so make sure to check this before you purchase.

A Moses basket mattress from The Little Green Sheep measures 74cm x 28cm so that it can fit perfectly into our Moses baskets. This size is suitable for babies up to 6 months and with a weight limit of 9kg, and it will provide enough support and comfort for your little one during their sleep.

You will need to check the Moses basket mattress size so that you can buy a spare or new mattress if needed. We would recommend purchasing the mattress from the same retailer as your Moses basket, as this will guarantee that the sizes are compatible.

A Moses basket mattress should be supportive and breathable, and it should also be waterproof. It is important that you keep the mattress clean and dry, as this will help to prevent it from becoming mouldy or damp.

You might want to consider purchasing a mattress protector to pair with your Moses basket mattress, as this will help to keep it in perfect condition. And you'll need to check the size of this again, too, so that you can be sure it will fit perfectly.


What Else Should You Consider When Buying a Moses Basket?

Now that you know what Moses basket size you will need for your baby, there are a few other things you should consider when making your purchase.

Moses Basket Materials

The quality of the Moses basket is really important. Look out for baskets that are made from natural materials and those with a robust structure. The basket should also be lightweight enough to carry but sturdy enough to provide your baby with the support they need.

Moses Basket Safety

It's also worth looking for safety features such as breathable panels, which will help to keep your little one safe while they are in the Moses basket.

And, of course, you should make sure that the Moses basket is comfortable and cosy for your little one - look out for baskets with luxurious linings or soft fabrics to keep them feeling warm and snug during sleep.

A sturdy surface at the base of the basket is also important, as this will help to keep your baby safe and secure when carrying the basket around.

Moses Basket Style

And, of course, you'll want to select a basket that looks great too! Many parents choose a Moses basket to fit in with their nursery decor, so be sure to have a look at the colours and designs available.

Here at The Little Green Sheep, we offer a wide range of stylish Moses baskets made from natural wicker - perfect for any nursery. We also provide a range of mattress sizes and other accessories to help you create the perfect sleeping environment for your little one.


Final Thoughts: Choosing the Right Moses Basket Size for Young Babies

Moses baskets are a great choice for new parents - they are lightweight, practical and stylish. However, you will need to ensure that you choose the right size Moses basket for your little one.

Taking into account the size and weight of your baby will help you to make sure that your Moses basket is the perfect fit.

Generally, most standard Moses baskets have dimensions between 70-90cm in length and 30-50cm in width. However, you should double-check the size of your Moses basket and mattress before purchasing.

By providing your baby with a supportive and comfortable sleep environment, you can ensure they get the rest they need to keep developing and growing.


Generally, most Moses baskets are between 70-90cm in length and 30-50cm in width. This provides enough space for your little one to sleep comfortably without compromising on safety.

Moses baskets should come with a mattress that is specifically designed to fit the basket. It is important to check this size before purchasing, as it can vary depending on the manufacturer and style of the basket.

Babies can usually stay in a Moses basket up until they are around 6 months old or when they start to get too big for the basket.

A baby is generally too big for a Moses basket when its head and feet are pressing against the sides of the basket. When a baby reaches 6 months old, you should also consider moving them to a larger sleeping environment.