Which Mattress Support Is Right For You?

Welcome to the world of adult mattresses! Where our award-winning Twist Cot & Cot bed mattress is based around the principles of ideal support for your little one, with firm support for baby as recommended by sleep experts, and more supple for your growing child, when it comes to Adult mattresses, comfort gets personal.

Read on as we take you through our mattress support guide, to help you determine which is the best mattress support for you!

Where Comfort Gets Personal

With over 15 years’ experience crafting exquisite mattresses for the younger generations, the launch of our Adult mattress range sees us draw on our expertise to create a truly exceptional mattress. From the 100% cotton quilted Herringbone cover, to the naturally sourced materials at the core, the Natural Pocket Sprung Mattress, which offers two types of support, is free from all nasties, hypo-allergenic, and naturally breathable.

However, comfort is extremely personal and subjective. What works for one person, might not work for the next.

This comes down to a whole host of factors, and varies from person to person. Everything from weight, age, to the position you sleep in can influence what you find comfortable. With this in mind, we designed our Adult mattress range to cater to different preferences with dual-sided support for a luxuriously comfortable night’s sleep. A great night’s sleep has never been so easy!

The Benefits of a Medium Firm Mattress

Keen on the extra support without compromising on comfort? Medium-firm might be the option for you. Medium-firm support mattresses offer the best of both worlds, with just the right balance of firm support combined with a measure of soft cushioning to ensure only the most comfortable night’s sleep. Medium-firm is well suited to most sleeping positions, especially those prone to sleeping on their front or back.

The Benefits of a Medium Support Mattress

Medium support mattresses are said to be the most popular mattress support, and the best choice for side sleepers and combination sleepers, those who start the night in one position, and end up in another by morning! Offering just the right amount of softness to cushion curves and provide support for pain and pressure points, Medium support offers just a little bit more give than Medium-firm, without sacrificing comfort.

Unrivalled Support

Promising those all-important zzz’s, the materials that make up our Natural Pocket Sprung mattresses are second to none, and offer unrivalled support! The naturally sourced Coconut Coir at the core helps to form a sturdy structure, acting like thousands of tiny springs to provide even support, along with pocket springs that relieve pressure points to create an adaptive and durable mattress. Our range of Dual-sided Adult Mattresses feature only the finest natural materials, expertly layered so you can experience sleep, the way nature intended.

Tailor Your Unique Sleep Experience

When it comes to which support is best for you, we've got you covered. With our unique dual-sided mattresses, choose which side suits you best simply by flipping the mattress to achieve the right support for you. Try yours for 100-nights on us to make sure you really love it. Explore the range, and shop our collection of Natural Adult Mattresses today!