A Guide to Caring For Your Sheepskin

The Little Green Sheep was born in 2007 from a simple idea - to offer peace of mind by crafting mattresses & nursery products in the most natural way possible. Since then, we have continued to deliver on our promise across our whole range of natural products, including our sheepskin rugs and pram liners.

To help you get the most out of your luxurious sheepskin products, we’ve pulled together some information to help inform, as well as advise on the best care practices for long-lasting comfort and quality.

Free From Harmful Chemicals

Our Sheepskins are sustainably sourced from flocks in rural pastures across Europe. Manufactured in Germany, this is where tanning and treatment takes place. All of our sheepskins are vegetable tanned in a process mostly done by hand. The process takes a lot of patience and skill, and crucially does not require the use of any harmful chemicals such as chromium, heavy metals, VOCs, or formaldehyde. So, not only are our sheepskin products baby safe, their natural and environmentally friendly production process means no nasty chemicals are passed into local water catchment areas, or to the humans that make them.


Approximately 4cm in depth, our sheepskin buggy liners and rugs provide a gentle, plush surface for your baby to rest on whether at home or on the go. Available in various colours, our pram liners are designed to be suitable for use in most 3 or 5 point harness pushchairs and strollers.

Championing Natural Materials

We love to champion natural materials, and wool is at the heart of so many of our products thanks to its amazing natural benefits. These include natural breathability and cosiness, as well as fire-retardant and temperature-regulating properties.


To learn more about the natural materials we use in our products and their benefits, read our blog about them here.

Sheepskin Care Advice

Properly looking after your sheepskins can help ensure you get the most mileage out of your beautiful, cosy pram liners and Sheepskin rugs.


Our care recommendation for both our sheepskin rugs and pram liners is to only wash them by hand, using a gentle lanolin detergent. Once washed, soak your sheepskin for a minimum of 30 minutes, squeezing gently once done. Do not wring or twist your sheepskin upon removing it from the water. Let it air dry naturally, and lightly brush the rug while damp with a slicker-style sheepskin brush or fine-toothed metal comb.

Only use your sheepskin once it has fully dried, and continue to brush it regularly to keep it nice and fluffy. Bear in mind that whilst you can vacuum your sheepskin, doing so is not as effective as brushing when it comes to removing dust, crumbs and particles.

Keep Them Cosy

Ideal for use year-round thanks to its sweat-wicking and temperature-regulating properties, our natural sheepskins are there to keep your little one cosy warm in the winter, and comfy and cool in the summer. Naturally versatile, shop our range of sheepskin pram liners and baby rugs today.